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Mission Statement


ACTION Zambia exists to glorify God by strengthening local churches and equipping them for ministry in the fulfillment of the God-given gospel mandates of proclaiming Christ to sinners, ministering to those in need, and discipling the saints to godliness in word and deed.

ACTION Zambia's philosophy can be summarized by the following five statements: 


1. Our ultimate objective is the strengthening of local churches, which are capable of reproducing and effectively responding to the urgent needs in Zambia, throughout Africa, and around the world. 

2. We seek to cultivate passionate, indigenous vision, and ministry within churches. 

3. We do holistic ministry, with the gospel and disciple-making being central to all we do. 

4. We are investment-minded, seeking to make a long-term investment with godly Zambian leaders and churches. 

5. We are committed to a team approach in ministry, leveraging the gifts and skills God provides through out Zambian and missioanry colleagues. 


ACTION Zambia’s (AZ) Ministry Areas: 


Pastoral Leadership Development


Action Pastors College (APC) is a three-year program.  APC equips Lusaka’s compound pastors and church leaders who serve in local churches. Not only does APC empower existing leaders through instruction in Biblical exegesis, theology, church history, and practical ministry skills, but it is committed to developing personal relationships with these pastors to encourage spiritual growth and the fulfillment of God’s calling upon their lives. To that end, alongside classroom instruction, students meet with the teachers in small groups for study and personal interaction.

Discipleship 2:7 for leaders is a one-year program that seeks to equip compound/slum pastors and church leaders who are serving local churches in Lusaka. We seek to empower existing leaders through instruction on discipleship—specifically, how to make disciples that make disciples.  We seek to do this through small group settings and weekly coaching sessions.

Pastor Resource Centers (PRCs). Because many pastors here in Zambia cannot afford theological resources and books, the Pastoral Resource Center is a key component of PLD. A large library of books has been divided among four strategic locations in the Lusaka area for pastors to come and utilize for their theological and sermon studies.  

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AZ Missionaries Involved: 

Tracy and Karen Singleton - PLD Coordinator

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Jason and Grace Van Ankum 

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AZ National Staff Involved: 

Pastor Wozifera and Mrs. Easter Ngoma

Pastor Josphat Mtonga 


Ciyanjano Christian Campgrounds 


“Ciyanjano” means “fellowship,” and that is what this Christian campground and conference center is all about. ACTION Zambia has developed a 20-acre property on the west side of Lusaka. Our mission is to provide poor churches from Lusaka with an affordable facility for Christian camps and conferences. 

Currently, Ciyanjano has a smaller conference center - the Ripley Center - available for day-long or overnight retreats that Zambian church groups can utilize for leadership and prayer retreats, conferences, and trainings. In addition, AZ also uses the Ripley Center to host short-term teams or our own conferences and events. 

AZ also has developed a larger campground on the property equipped with a large outdoor chapel, two classrooms, five camping chalets, an outdoor kitchen, a large restroom and shower building, and a playground. This campground is a popular spot for youth and children’s camps and church-wide retreats. 

Income Generation: Besides the conference and camping ministry Ciyanjano also has a maize (corn) shelling and hammer mill business.

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AZ Missionaries Involved:

Kelly and Tricia Huckaby - Ciyanjano Coordinator

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CROSS Project HIV/AIDS Ministry 


The CROSS Project stands for Churches Ready to Overcome Silence and Stigma.  

The CROSS Project seeks to strengthen the local church by training pastors, elders/leaders, church-based HIV/AIDS care teams, and Bible colleges to use the Word of God to understand how they are negatively affected by HIV/AIDS and domestic abuse and to biblically respond to these issues in their own lives, congregations, families, and communities. (Eph. 4:12-14)

HIV/AIDS impacts the entire nation of Zambia, including Christians and church-regulars. 15% of Zambians are HIV-positive with a 20-25% urban HIV infection, and only 28% of adults know their HIV status. Life expectancy at birth is around 40 years old.

The main way in which The CROSS Project currently seeks to accomplish its goals is through a 16-week/16 lesson, God-centered, Bible-based curriculum that is taught weekly in compound/slum churches around Lusaka that applies the Bible to the issue of HIV/AIDS-related issues and domestic abuse.

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AZ Missionaries Involved:

Derek and Kristin Dearth - CROSS Coordinators 

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AZ National Staff Involved: 

Pastor John Chitambo 

Eta Imasiku


Children in Crisis Ministries


Ciyanjano Bible Club 

Tricia Huckaby and Holly Moir run a Bible Club every Friday at Ciyanjano Christian Campgrounds. Around 65 children come for songs, games, a Bible lesson, as well as receive a meal. Most of the children come from poor, rural home situations.  

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HIV/AIDS Children’s Feeding Program 

The CROSS Project staff also assists with counseling and facilitating some medical assistance at a local feeding program in a poor compound/slum for 100 HIV-positive children. Pastor Wozifera Ngoma, and his wife, Easter, who are also on staff with PLD, initiated and continue to run this ministry through their church. The program happens for lunch every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

If you would like to give to the HIV/AIDS Children's Feeding Program, please click here, and in the "Additional Information" comments box please put, "George Compound HIV/AIDS Feeding Program." 

AZ Missionaries Involved:

Holly Moir - Children’s Ministry Facilitator 

Visit Holly on Facebook here. 

Tricia Huckaby - Bible Club Coordinator 

AZ National Staff Involved: 

Juma Chipeta


AZ Leadership and Administration


Derek Dearth is ACTION Zambia’s Country Director and provides leadership, direction, and vision in conjunction with the AZ ministry coordinators towards the fulfillment of the purpose and mission of AZ, while at the same time doing various, needed administration and recruitment duties.

AZ Missionaries Involved: 

Derek Dearth - AZ Country Director

Tracy Singleton - AZ Deputy Country Director

AZ National Staff Involved: 

Jacob Nyrenda - AZ Office Administrator and Accountant

Missionaries in Zambia
Derek & Kristin Dearth
Kelly & Tricia Huckaby
Holly Moir
Tracy & Karen Singleton
Jason & Grace Van Ankum

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AZ Christmas Party Outreach Books for APC Graduates Children in Kanyama Compound
CROSS Hospice Seminar - 2012 CROSS Project Graduation CROSS Project Meeting CROSS Project Meeting
CROSS Project Meeting CROSS Project Meeting Derek teaching at the CROSS Project Downtown Lusaka
Downtown Lusaka Driving in the bush Driving into Downtown Lusaka Easter teaching Ladies Discipleship 2:7
Feeding Program Garden Compound Huckabys and Dearths Inductive Bible Study Seminar - July 2013
Kanyama Compound Kids playing outside Lusaka in Rainy Season Misisi Compound
Pastor John Teaching at CROSS PLD Book Giveaway PLD Conference Tracy Preaching


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