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ACTION country fields, ministries, and missionaries operate by faith and are without financial guarantees of any kind. It is the generosity of the Lord's people that sustains our mission.

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at   Austria
Missionaries in Austria
Leanne Carter

br   Brazil
Donate and preference to where most needed in Brazil
Missionaries in Brazil
Mark & Paige Anderson
Jonas & Dr. Iria Braun
Matthew & Elsiene Carroll
Abby Heath
Ben & Jucelia Krause
John & Yvonne Macy
Julie Kacena & Elias Madeira
Robert & Silvana Meikle
Mario & Lika Milhomem
Ruth & Samuel Oliveira
Mazinho & Ana Quaresma
Ester Silva
Thomas & Susanna Smoak
Marco & Claudia van de Merwe
Felicity Vanderlist
Ministries in Brazil
Christmas: Brazil

kh   Cambodia
Donate and preference to where most needed in Cambodia
Missionaries in Cambodia
Daren & Jodi Beck
BJ & Andrea Lopez
Lilly Beth Andaya Steeples
Nathan & Christiana Wells
Ministries in Cambodia
Cambodia: Church-Based Livelihood/Sustenance Project
Cambodia: Bible Distribution
Cambodia: Adopt a Pastor/Church
Cambodia: Church-Based Community School
Cambodia: Mordecai's Courage Orphanage
Cambodia: Sponsorship for Bible College Students - Cambodia
Cambodia: Orphanage Care
Cambodia: Translation and Publishing Ministry
Cambodia: Emergency Disaster Relief

ca   Canada
Missionaries in Canada
Ike & Trudy Agawin
AV Summer Team 2016
Todd Braye
Dr. Stewart Brown
Dr. Allen Derksen
Scott Gillespie
Helmuth Graewe
Marion Jean Grant
Sheryl Grunwald
Ben & Shoko Ichikawa
Rob Lavoie
Wayne & Diane Mac Leod
Patrick & Debbie O'Connor
Lester & Darlene Olfert
Herb & Winnifred Risto
Kimmie Roszmann
Rich & Joy Sayer
Daniel Scholz
Martin & Lorna Scholz
Mark & Cheryl Sorell
John & Grace Van Huizen
Dr. Wayne & Oi-Wah Whitbourne
Ministries in Canada
Canada: ACTION Ventures
Uganda: Ramona's Reach
Nicaragua: CINAG

cl   Chile
Missionaries in Chile
Fernando & Carmen Corales

co   Colombia
Donate and preference to where most needed in Colombia
Missionaries in Colombia
Raquel De Jesús
Denis & Sheila Garzón
Phil & Mariela Legal
Mark Roof
Ministries in Colombia
Colombia: National Christian Worker Fund
Christmas: Colombia-Legal
Christmas: Colombia-Garzon
Christmas: Colombia
Colombia: General Office
Colombia: Sucre Ministry Center
Colombia: Education Sponsorship
Colombia: El Pacto en ACCIÓN Building
Colombia: Where Most Needed
Colombia: Camp Ministry
Christmas: Colombia-Raquel

cr   Costa Rica
Missionaries in Costa Rica
Rick & Sandy Polson

hr   Croatia
Missionaries in Croatia
Frank & Anna Dragash

cu   Cuba
Donate and preference to where most needed in Cuba
Missionaries in Cuba
Short-term Cuba Trips
David & Yaíma Gomero
Brian & Celia Stewart
Patricio Texidor
Ayán & Litsandra Zamora
Ministries in Cuba
Cuba: Pastors' Conferences
Cuba: Bikes for Pastors
Cuba: Travel Expenses
Cuba: Book Distribution
Cuba: Where Most Needed
Cuba: New Testament printing
Christmas: Cuba

ec   Ecuador
Donate and preference to where most needed in Ecuador
Missionaries in Ecuador
Melinda Mathews
Rick & Jeaneth Maxwell
Felix & Noralba Valencia
Francisco & Juanita Vargas
Ministries in Ecuador
Christmas: Ecuador

in   India
Missionaries in India
Joshua & Reena Pradhan
Devendra & Rokono Rai
Y & J Tamang
Ministries in India
Christmas: India

io   International Office
Missionaries in International Office
Walt & Sharon Becker
Sam & Marti Gaffney
Dave & Maureen Greiner
Bruce & Carol Ingram
Rod & Barbara Pence
Nelson & Linda Reed
John & Georgina Reed
John Richard
Ministries in International Office
Christmas Outreach Worldwide - Worldwide
International Office: Pastoral Leadership Development - Worldwide
International Office: Children in Crisis - Worldwide
International Office: Sustainable Church Multiplication - Based out of the U.S.A. Office, Serving and training internationally.
International Office: Blankets and Bibles for Refugees in Kurdistan - Kurdistan
International Office: Global Partners

mw   Malawi
Donate and preference to where most needed in Malawi
Missionaries in Malawi
Michelle Clark
Chantal McDougall
Sarah Parlee
Gary & Barbara Rieben
Ministries in Malawi
Malawi: Goats for Needy Families
Christmas: Malawi
Malawi: Bibles for Pastors

mx   Mexico
Donate and preference to where most needed in Mexico
Missionaries in Mexico
Gamaliel & Ligia Canul
Scott & Shona Henderson
Rick & Janet Norquist
Ministries in Mexico
Mexico: Camp John 3:16 - Mérida
Christmas: Mexico

np   Nepal
Missionaries in Nepal
Paul & Maya Nepal
Barnabas & Tabitha Nepal
Ministries in Nepal
Nepal: Hope for Nepal
Nepal: Emergency Earthquake Relief

nz   New Zealand
Donate and preference to where most needed in New Zealand

py   Paraguay
Donate and preference to where most needed in Paraguay
Missionaries in Paraguay
Rene & Anja Gaona
Ministries in Paraguay
Paraguay: December 2015 Flood Relief - Asunción

pe   Peru
Missionaries in Peru
Alex & Margarita Polo

ph   Philippines
Donate and preference to where most needed in Philippines
Missionaries in Philippines
Jeff & Mary Ann Anderson
Kumar & Kathryn Aryal
Matt & Becki Beack
Arielle Benoit
Barbara Burchert
Mike & Tracy Burr
Shelley Conradson
Paul & Pat Ellis
Mark & Melissa Ellis
Peter & Lora Ellis
Pami Ellis
Pami Ellis
Will & Joanie Feuerstein
Seni & Lose Finau
Daryl & Sharon Germaine
Mike & Cindy Gingerich
Melissa Gunn
Drs. George & Anne Harper
Ron Homenuke
Adam & Alexis Hussey
Erin Johnson
Krista Laroza
Jantson & Haley McAffrey
Gary & Melita Root
Carmen Salacsacan
Greg & Sarah Seiling
Rafael & Susan Sison
Catie Smith
Al & Sonie Tadeo
Ministries in Philippines
Philippines: Books for Needy Pastors - Manila, Antipolo, Olongapo, Batangas
Philippines: Harper Student Scholarships and Textbooks
Philippines: Lifehouse Village Operating Expenses
Philippines: Honest Hands
Christmas: Philippines
Philippines: Brand New Day Ministry
Philippines: Life Application Study Bibles for Pastors
Philippines: Brand New Day Vehicle Fund
Philippines: Emergency Disaster Relief Efforts - Visayas Region
Philippines: Shalom Christian Birthing Home Operating Expenses - Antipolo City
Philippines: Working Hands
Philippines: Shalom Christian Birthing Home Projects - Antipolo City
Philippines: Street Impact Team - Manila
Philippines: Evangelistic Youth Camps - Cavite
Philippines: Fish and Bread Feeding - Manila
Philippines: Harper Student Retreats

es   Spain
Missionaries in Spain
Andrew & Jamie Leonhard
Mary Woodward

tw   Taiwan
Missionaries in Taiwan
Lori Lawson

ug   Uganda
Donate and preference to where most needed in Uganda
Missionaries in Uganda
Kathy Matthews
Mariana (Anna) Pedrosa
Joshua & Dr. Abigail Rattin
Ministries in Uganda
Uganda: Jesus is the Truth Nursery and Primary School - Gulu
Christmas: Uganda
Uganda: Children in Crisis Ministry - Gulu
Uganda: Gulu Medical Ministry - Gulu
Uganda: Pastoral Leadership Development - Northern Region
Uganda: Where Most Needed - Gulu - Northern Uganda
Uganda: Jesus Is The Truth School Scholarships
Uganda: Disabilities Ministry - Gula

ua   Ukraine
Missionaries in Ukraine
Lisa DeGrace

Missionaries in Undisclosed
Debbie Undisclosed
Susan Undisclosed
Miguel & Laura Undisclosed
John & Kelly Undisclosed
Stephanie Undisclosed

gb   United Kingdom
Missionaries in United Kingdom
Ingo & Doris Abraham
Ministries in United Kingdom
Christmas: Europe

us   USA
Donate and preference to where most needed in USA
Missionaries in USA
Beverly Bowman
Rex & Donna Carlaw
Bill Flansburg
Paul & Jean Goodner
Marvin & Sara Graves
Kyle Hansen
Keith & Marilyn Kaynor
Jonathan & Dr. Indira Maraj
Jenny Mark
Dale & Marian Neff
Guillermo & Patricia Novoa
Rob & Catherine Taylor
Charles & Bridget Ulibarri
Short-term Missionaries & Teams USA
John & Jean Van Hemert
Mike & Rebecca Watters
Ministries in USA
USA: Packages for Seafarers
USA: ACTS- ACTION Computer & Technical Services
USA: ACTS- Laptop Repurpose Ministry
USA: ACTS- Tech Donate laptops, tablets, cellphones
Honduras: Hospital Loma de Luz
USA: Marvin Graves' Medical Expenses

zm   Zambia
Donate and preference to where most needed in Zambia
Missionaries in Zambia
Derek & Kristin Dearth
Kelly & Tricia Huckaby
Holly Moir
Tracy & Karen Singleton
Jason & Grace Van Ankum
Ministries in Zambia
Zambia: Community Schools
Zambia: Emergency Relief
Zambia: General Office
Zambia: Medical Fund
Zambia: Camp Ministry
Zambia: National Christian Workers
Zambia: Literature
Zambia: Where Most Needed
Zambia: Children in Crisis
Zambia: Ciyanjano Ministry Center
Zambia: CROSS Project HIV/AIDS
Zambia: Pastoral Leadership Development
Zambia: Feeding Programs
Zambia: Bible Clubs - Camp Ciyanjano