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Joshua Rattin is the Country Director and also coordinates the Pastoral Leadership Development ministries.  His wife Abigail is ministry head for the Disabilities Ministry, Medical Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, and Short Term Volunteer Coordinator for the ACTION Uganda team. She has a heart for special needs children.  The Rattins arrived in Uganda in 2011.  Their five children, Grace (11), Moses (8), Ana (7), Noah (4), and Micah Otim (2), love living in Gulu, Uganda.

Jim and Kappy Robinette have served in Uganda since 2004 and are based in Kampala. Jim trains pastors and church leaders in seminars and conferences, supports church plants, and does itinerant preaching. The Robinettes' ministries also include a weekly radio sermon and evangelistic outreaches. 

Mariana "Anna" Pedrosa joined the team in Gulu in 2013 to become the head teacher at Jesus is the Truth Nursery & Primary School, ACTION Uganda's Christ-centered school for vulnerable children.

Richard and Joyelle Sayer joined the team in Gulu in 2013.  Joy is ministry head for Home of Love children's home and Rich is ministry head for the Family Strengthening Outreach ministry for vulnerable children and their families.  Their twin 4 year old boys, Malakai and Ethan, are enjoying making friends!

ACTION Uganda's Children in Crisis ministries include Home of Love children's home, Family Strengthening Outreach Team, Jesus is the Truth nursery and primary school, and the Disabilities Ministry.

Pastoral Leadership Development (PLD) is a key ministry in the Gulu ministries. In the north, the PLD team studies together several times a week to prepare to take conferences to rural pastors in remote regions of Northern Uganda.  They focus on 4 locations to build upon solid foundations.  Guest pastors from abroad join the team several times a year to contribute additional expertise as needed.  

Dr. Abigail coordinates the medical ministry which spans across ministries.  Funds are always needed as the team strives to provide the best possible medical care to the most vulnerable.


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"WHERE YOU LIVE SHOULD NOT DECIDE WHETHER YOU LIVE OR WHETHER YOU DIE". These words are found on the outline of the African continent, part of a design on T-shirts and hoodies, created to raise funds for the ministry of ACTION Gulu. To order a T-shirt or hoodie, or find out more about this fund-raiser, click onhere. (See image of the Tshirt sported by ACTION Canada missionary, Scott Gillespie)

ACTION Gulu: Deliver me a photo compilation video on the 12 years of ministry that pioneer ACTION missionaries, Jerry and Candis Bingham, have been involved with in N.Uganda (thanks to ACTION missionaries, Rich and Joy Sayer, who created it).

Missionaries in Uganda
Monica Lines
Kathy Matthews
Mariana (Anna) Pedrosa
Joshua & Dr. Abigail Rattin
Jim & Kappy Robinette
Rich & Joy Sayer
Mike & Rebecca Watters

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T-shirt Fundraiser (larger image)
ACTION sponsored children leading music at an evan Beyond Suffering course graduates Christmas outreach at our school
Dr. Abby helping Stephen walk Home of Love children dance in worship In Gulu: the Rattin family Jesus is the Truth Nursery and Primary School
Jesus is the Truth school Jesus is the Truth school Jesus is the Truth school special needs program prayer time at school
primary school 3 Rich and Pastor Peter School children lining up at Jesus is the Truth sc Team mates Joy and Abby sorting through donations
The Rattin family and their pastor (Peter) dedicat


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