All ACTION ministries are operated by faith, without any financial guarantees of any kind, apart from His faithful promises.  These listings will give you an overview of some of our ongoing ministries in each country, though this is not an exhaustive directory.

For information on our administrative fees for projects, click here.


International Office
» Blankets and Bibles for Refugees in Kurdistan
» Christmas Outreach Worldwide
» Christmas: Chile
» Christmas: China
» Christmas: Indonesia
» Christmas: Myanmar
» International Office: Children in Crisis
» Sustainable Church Multiplication

» Christmas: Brazil

» Cambodia: Bible Distribution
» Cambodia: Church-Based Livelihood/Sustenance Project
» Cambodia: Education Fund
» Cambodia: Mordecai's Courage Orphanage
» Cambodia: Orphanage Care
» Cambodia: Pastoral Resource Development
» Cambodia: Sponsorship for Bible College Students
» Christmas: Cambodia

» Canada: ACTION Ventures

» Christmas: Colombia
» Colombia: El Pacto en ACCIÓN Building (Special Project)
» Colombia: El Pacto en ACCIÓN Ministry
» Colombia: Sucre Ministry Center

» Cuba: Bikes for Pastors
» Cuba: Book Distribution
» Cuba: New Testament printing
» Cuba: Pastors' Conferences
» Cuba: Travel Expenses
» Cuba: Vacation Bible Schools (VBS)
» Cuba: Where Most Needed

» Christmas: Ecuador

» Christmas: Honduras

» Christmas: India

» Christmas: Malawi
» Malawi: Bibles for Pastors
» Malawi: Goats for Needy Families

» Christmas: Mexico
» Mexico: Camp John 3:16
» Mexico: Project Next Steps
» Mexico: Rancho de los Niños Orphanage Support Fund
» Mexico: Timothy House (Special Project)
» Mexico: Timothy House Operational Costs

» Christmas: Nepal
» Nepal: Hope for Nepal

» Christmas: Nicaragua

» Christmas: Paraguay

» Christmas: Philippines
» Philippines: Brand New Day Ministry
» Philippines: Emergency Disaster Relief Efforts
» Philippines: Fish and Bread Feeding
» Philippines: Harper student retreats
» Philippines: Honest Hands
» Philippines: Lifehouse Village Operating Expenses
» Philippines: Shalom Christian Birthing Home Operating Expenses
» Philippines: Street Impact Team
» Philippines: Working Hands

» Christmas: Gulu, Uganda
» Christmas: Kampala, Uganda
» Uganda - Ramona's Reach
» Uganda Special Project: Playground Equipment
» Uganda: Children in Crisis Ministry
» Uganda: Gulu Medical Ministry
» Uganda: Jesus is the Truth Nursery and Primary School
» Uganda: Mosquito nets for vulnerable families
» Uganda: Pastoral Leadership Development - Northern Region
» Uganda: Where Most Needed

United Kingdom
» Christmas: Europe

» ACTS: ACTION Computer & Technical Services
» ACTS: Laptop Repurpose Ministry
» ACTS: Tech Donate laptops, tablets, cellphones
» United States: Packages for Seafarers

» Zambia: Children in Crisis
» Zambia: Ciyanjano Ministry Center
» Zambia: Community Schools
» Zambia: CROSS Project HIV/AIDS
» Zambia: Feeding
» Zambia: Pastoral Leadership Development

Featured Projects

Colombia: Sucre Ministry Center
Ministry to meet the various needs of families in SW Bogotá.

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Uganda: Jesus is the Truth Nursery and Primary School

Providing education for traumatized children at risk, in Gulu, Uganda.

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Sustainable Church Multiplication

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