All ACTION missionaries serve the Lord by faith, without any financial guarantees of any kind, apart from His faithful promises.

We encourage you to visit their individual web pages and to consider supporting them in prayer and with donations. Perhaps the Lord will also lead you to join them on the mission field.

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Marco van de Merwevan de Merwe, Marco & Claudia

Current Ministry: Child evangelism, nonformal education and church planting in rural Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
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Joshua RattinRattin, Joshua & Dr. Abigail

Current Ministry: Josh- Country Director, Pastoral Leadership Development, Jesus is the Truth Nursery & Primary School director; Abby-care of disabled children; Medical Coordinator; Communications Coordinator, Short-term Volunteer Coordinator.
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Raquel De JesúsDe Jesús, Raquel
Bogotá, Colombia

Current Ministry: Bible study and discipleship to former street kids and their families
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