Short-term Opportunities

 Looking to serve on the mission field as an intern to one of ACTION's missionaries?

Evaluating places to take your church or college team for a summer misions trip?

We have highlighted 19 of our many short-term possibilities in our catalog of short-term opportunities for 2016.

AIP - Action Internship Program


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To begin the process of serving for a short term with ACTION, please complete our short Get Involved form here:

Short-term service commitments are at least 1 week and less than 2 years.


ACTION Short-term Opportunities

North America

» Canada: ACTION Ventures (arts-based, team ministry for youth)
» International Office: AIP Pastoral Leadership Development
» USA: AIP Office Intern

Latin America

» Brazil: AIP & AT Milhomem
» Brazil: AIP & AT van de Merwe
» Brazil: Building and Maintenance Workers
» Brazil: Camp Coordinator
» Brazil: Children's Home Mentor
» Brazil: Cook
» Brazil: English Teacher
» Brazil: Research and Network Specialist
» Brazil: Street Children Workers
» Brazil: Teacher with Portuguese Proficiency
» Brazil: Teacher with Spanish or Portuguese Proficiency
» Brazil: Urban Missionaries
» Colombia: AIP
» Colombia: Meal Preparation and Service
» Colombia: Street Evangelism Workers
» Ecuador: AIP & AT
» Mexico: AIP Canul
» Mexico: AIP Henderson
» Mexico: Camp Workers
» Paraguay: AIP & AT
» Mexico: Camp workers needed in Mérida


» Austria: AIP
» Spain: AIP Conversational English & Discipleship
» Spain: English Evangelism Coordinator/House Church Planter
» Spain: Language Assistant
» Ukraine: AIP


» Malawi: AIP
» Zambia: AIP Camp Ciyanjano


» Cambodia: Intensive Discipleship Ministry
» India: AIP
» India: Children's Ministry Workers
» India: English Tutor
» India: Music Tutor
» India: Orphanage Workers
» India: Outreach and Discipleship
» Nepal: AIP & AT
» Philippines: AIP & AT Shalom Birthing Clinic
» Philippines: AIP Brand New Day
» Philippines: AIP KIDS Home

Featured Opportunities

Colombia: AIP

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Brazil: Street Children Workers
Street Children Workers in Brazil will promote the personal, spiritual, educational and social development of children that live on the street and face physical, psychological and social problems on a daily basis.

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India: Orphanage Workers
Action International Ministries is looking for four to five people to serve as short-term orphanage workers at the ASHA Children's Home in Varanasi, India. This orphanage is home to 21 orphans and provides love, a trusting and nurturing environment, and education.

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