Short-term Opportunities

 Looking to serve on the mission field as an intern to one of ACTION's missionaries?

Evaluating places to take your church or college team for a summer misions trip?

We have highlighted 19 of our many short-term possibilities in our catalog of short-term opportunities for 2016.

AIP - Action Internship Program


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To begin the process of serving for a short term with ACTION, please complete our short Get Involved form here:

Short-term service commitments are at least 1 week and less than 2 years.


ACTION Short-term Opportunities

North America

» Canada: ACTION Ventures (arts-based, team ministry for youth)
» International Office: AIP Pastoral Leadership Development
» USA: AIP Office Intern

Latin America

» Brazil: AIP & AT Milhomem
» Brazil: AIP & AT van de Merwe
» Brazil: Building and Maintenance Workers
» Brazil: Camp Coordinator
» Brazil: Children's Home Mentor
» Brazil: Cook
» Brazil: English Teacher
» Brazil: Research and Network Specialist
» Brazil: Street Children Workers
» Brazil: Teacher with Portuguese Proficiency
» Brazil: Teacher with Spanish or Portuguese Proficiency
» Brazil: Urban Missionaries
» Colombia: AIP
» Colombia: Meal Preparation and Service
» Colombia: Street Evangelism Workers
» Ecuador: AIP & AT
» Mexico: AIP Canul
» Mexico: AIP Henderson
» Mexico: Camp Workers
» Paraguay: AIP & AT
» Mexico: Camp workers needed in Mérida


» Austria: AIP
» Spain: AIP Conversational English & Discipleship
» Spain: English Evangelism Coordinator/House Church Planter
» Spain: Language Assistant
» Ukraine: AIP


» Malawi: AIP
» Zambia: AIP Camp Ciyanjano


» Cambodia: Intensive Discipleship Ministry
» India: AIP
» India: Children's Ministry Workers
» India: English Tutor
» India: Music Tutor
» India: Orphanage Workers
» India: Outreach and Discipleship
» Nepal: AIP & AT
» Philippines: AIP & AT Shalom Birthing Clinic
» Philippines: AIP Brand New Day
» Philippines: AIP KIDS Home

Featured Opportunities

India: Outreach and Discipleship
Action International Ministries is seeking short-term missionaries to work alongside veteran missionaries in India in outreach and discipleship ministries for two to three weeks.

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Colombia: Street Evangelism Workers
Short-term missionaries are needed in Bogota, Colombia, to work alongside a veteran missionary to minister to children at risk and the urban and rural poor through street evangelism.

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India: Children's Ministry Workers
Short-term missionaries are needed in Nagaland, India, to work alongside veteran missionaries to minister to children at risk.

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