Written By: Doug Nichols

A simple list of 32 ways for children, youth, teenagers, young adults, the middle-aged and seniors to serve God by ministering to needy children and the poor in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America

And Jesus said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to … everyone’ ” (Mark 16:15, NASB). “Pure and lasting religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit [care for] orphans and widows in their distress . . .” (James 1:27, nasb).

By Praying (5 ways):

1. Gather a group of twenty people for prayer with each taking 12 of the 240 countries of the world (20×12=240). Example: if each one prayed for each of the 12 countries for 1 minute, the world would be prayed for in 12 minutes.

2. Ask your pastor if you can lead in prayer one Sunday per month for the 160 million street children of the world and the 143 million orphans worldwide.

3. Pray daily for the 13 million AIDS orphans in Africa and 143 million orphans worldwide.

4. Prepare an ethnic meal of a country for your Bible study, youth group or church and then pray for that country. Do this once a month, praying for 12 countries yearly. Start with the countries where your church missionaries serve.

5. Adopt one of your church’s missionaries, write to him or her monthly, and then pray daily for that outreach.

By Projects (4 ways):

6. Gather vocational and technical books to send to a school for older needy children in the Philippines.

7. Fill a 20′ container with rice, beans, corn, and clothes, raise $8000, and ship the container to Malawi orphans.

8. Gather and send good used study Bibles to needy pastors in Africa, India and the Philippines.

9. Assign several from your youth group or adult class to a missionary and help with whatever is needed: packing, raising funds, storage, purchasing equipment, cleaning house. Arrange Saturday work team to help with this.

By Giving (14 ways):

10. $ .50 – provides one evangelistic national language comic book written by Filipinos for street children. ($10 will provide 20 evangelistic comics.)

11. $1.00 – gives supplementary feeding for a child in Zambia for one month.

12. $1.00 – clothes an orphan in Malawi or Zambia, Africa.

13. $1.50 – provides a plastic-covered Zambian-language New Testament.

14. $4.00 – sends an orphan to camp in Africa.

15. $3.50 – provides a meal, the gospel, and a gift at a Christmas party for needy adults and children in Africa, Asia, or Latin America.

16. $5.00 – purchases a Bible for an orphan or needy pastor in Africa.

17. $6.00 – prints 200 evangelistic booklets for the Philippines or Mexico.

18. $6.00 – provides a set of commentaries (worth $40) for a needy pastor in Africa or Asia.

19. $50.00 per month will support a pastor in Cambodia, the Philippines and India (any amount would help!)

20. $21.00 – sends a street child to camp in the Philippines.

21. $4800 – drills a well for a village for orphans and their caretakers in Malawi.

22. $56.00 – six month “fish and bread” ministry for mothers in the Philippines including meals, medical, vitamins and training.

23. $50.00 – to send a needy boy to a one-week camp in Brazil.

By Going — short- or long-term (4 ways):

24. Action International Ministries (www.actionintl.org) has worldwide opportunities for ages 19 to 89 (especially in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America) with orphans, needy children, and the poor.

25. Teen Missions (www.teenmissions.org) also has worldwide opportunities

for all ages, but mainly high school age.

26. YUGO Ministries (www.yugo.org) Mexico, especially for young people ages 13 to 19.

27. Finishers Project (www.finishers.org) has practical ministry opportunities worldwide especially for older and retired people.

By Doing (5 ways):

28. Make friends with people from other countries and learn of their countries and cultures for the gospel’s sake.

29. You and your family can invite missionaries to your home for a meal and ask them all about their lives and ministry.

30. Make sure there is a display of world missions with pictures and literature in the main room of your church and in the youth and adult meeting areas.

31. Obtain a copy of the book Operation World and learn all you can about the 240 countries of the world.

32. If 19 or older, participate in the Missionary Apprentice Program (MAP) of ACTION (www.actionintl.org).

Pick out one or two of the items above and trust God to do them for His glory!