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Resources Come from the Harvest

Resources Come from the Harvest

Carlos was the kind of kid you tried to get away from. Slightly overweight and too talkative, his mother had obviously spoiled  read more..

The Power of a Testimony

The Power of a Testimony

Like most East Indians, Ganesh speaks multiple languages. At one point he spoke five! As a young Hindu he learned to pray  read more..

Authority Upside Down

Do you ever wonder whether the crosswalk buttons on traffic lights actually work? You know what I mean. You push the button  read more..

Mobilize Yourself

By now you’ve noticed that nobody’s going to tell you what to do most of the time in ACTION. Some organizations decide  read more..

KGTA: Incarnation Imitation

This week I’m at the long anticipated Smoak Family Reunion of 2016. My father’s six children and their spouses and offspring (no great  read more..

KGTA: Mobilize Everybody

Everybody’s not supposed to be a m*ss*onary. In fact, more and more we are using that extra-biblical word less and less to  read more..

KGTA: Remember the Battle

Desert camouflage looks out of place in the suburbs of Chicago. But it communicates loud and clear that somewhere, most likely in  read more..

KGTA: Pass the Ball!

A group of us plays soccer on the Wheaton College soccer field at 6 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We represent various  read more..

KGTA: The Problem of Power without Transmission

Susanna was passing a truck going up the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee when it happened. The air conditioning was blasting, and our  read more..

KGTA: Love One Another

During World War II, Captain Ernest Gordon joined the Argyll Sutherland Highlanders’ 2nd Battalion as an agnostic. But during his harrowing capture  read more..