Make Disciples, Baptizing Them

Make Disciples, Baptizing Them

Daren Beck, Associate International Director and minister in Cambodia since 2002, sees the gospel in a unique baptism opportunity. I was blessed  read more..

Focus: Miraculous Things

Focus: Miraculous Things

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I Don’t Like Messy

I like things orderly—at least by my own definition. I’m aware that it is more about the illusion of control, but I  read more..

Mango Trees and Spiritual Warfare

Mango Trees and Spiritual Warfare

In Cambodia there is a cool season and a hot season, or slight variations. We are heading into hot season which means  read more..

Focus: I Can See Only One Mommy Now!

Soccer camp for needy youth in Cambodia

Lourens Schep spent two weeks in Phnom Penh running soccer camps for needy youth. Lourens is originally from Holland, but emmigrated to  read more..

Training pastors in Cambodia

Paul and Jean Goodner work in the United States mobilizing God’s people for missions. They have been ACTION missionaries since 2010, and  read more..

Former child factory worker now teaches children at risk

“I cried every day when I saw my siblings go to school and I had to work at the garment factory.” A  read more..

Cambodian believer impacts fellow countrymen for Christ

Nathan and Christiana Wells have been ministering in Phnom Penh for four years. As they recently reflected on their service, they said  read more..

Translation projects in Cambodia

Nathan Wells writes, “We have four current translation projects as well as a number of books we would like to translate in  read more..