KGTA: Know God, Make Friends

In 29 days our family will leave Brazil after 21 years. We’ll miss our jungly house and Charles Barkley, the big red dog,  read more..

KGTA: The Singular Power of Singleness

KGTA: The Singular Power of Singleness

Since Paul the Apostle, the unmarried have served a central role in Christ’s missionary movement. Although marriage and families are not prohibited  read more..

I Don’t Like Messy

I like things orderly—at least by my own definition. I’m aware that it is more about the illusion of control, but I  read more..

When I am Weak: Ron Homenuke

When I am Weak: Ron Homenuke

Each year Prairie Bible College honors a former student who has made a significant long-term contribution and demonstrated spiritual commitment, endurance and  read more..

One Family’s Journey Home

One Family’s Journey Home

It was early morning so Thomas invited Sandro and several other boys to have breakfast and spend the day at Casa Elohim,  read more..

Marks of a Missions-Minded Church

General Dwight Eisenhower used to enjoy telling a story at the expense of one of his aides, George Allen. Allen had the  read more..

Witnessing in a Manila Garbage Dump

I think it was about 1980 that Aries, a Filipino co-worker, and I were standing at the top edge of the Manila  read more..

Can being in jail be a blessing?

The Story of A.L.M. A.L.M. attended the seminary inside the jail compound and became a pastor after his incarceration in maximum security  read more..

Francis Schaeffer Sleeping on the Floor

In 1966, I joined Operation Mobilization for a year of ministry in France, but spent two years in India instead.  While in  read more..

Odd or Even: Rescuing a Street Boy

When Victor grabbed a piece of wood bigger than himself to hit my windshield, I knew it was time to run after  read more..