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KGTA: Resources Come from the Harvest

KGTA: Resources Come from the Harvest

Carlos was the kind of kid you tried to get away from. Slightly overweight and too talkative, his mother had obviously spoiled  read more..

KGTA: The Power of a Testimony

KGTA: The Power of a Testimony

Like most East Indians, Ganesh speaks multiple languages. At one point he spoke five! As a young Hindu he learned to pray  read more..

KGTA: Authority Upside Down

Do you ever wonder whether the crosswalk buttons on traffic lights actually work? You know what I mean. You push the button  read more..

KGTA: Mobilize Yourself

By now you’ve noticed that nobody’s going to tell you what to do most of the time in ACTION. Some organizations decide  read more..

KGTA: Incarnation Imitation

This week I’m at the long anticipated Smoak Family Reunion of 2016. My father’s six children and their spouses and offspring (no great  read more..

KGTA: Mobilize Everybody

Everybody’s not supposed to be a m*ss*onary. In fact, more and more we are using that extra-biblical word less and less to  read more..

KGTA: Remember the Battle

Desert camouflage looks out of place in the suburbs of Chicago. But it communicates loud and clear that somewhere, most likely in  read more..

KGTA: Pass the Ball!

A group of us plays soccer on the Wheaton College soccer field at 6 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We represent various  read more..

KGTA: The Problem of Power without Transmission

Susanna was passing a truck going up the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee when it happened. The air conditioning was blasting, and our  read more..

KGTA: Love One Another

During World War II, Captain Ernest Gordon joined the Argyll Sutherland Highlanders’ 2nd Battalion as an agnostic. But during his harrowing capture  read more..