Children In Crisis

The Fire That Burns

Written By: Thomas Smoak If a full quiver is a sign of God’s blessing, then ACTION associates Ana and Mazinho Quaresma are  read more..

Former Child Prostitute Finds Christ

Written By: Thomas Smoak Jimmy (14) has problems controlling his bowels because he has been abused for so long as a male  read more..

“I Have Seven Moms and One Dad”

“I have seven moms and one dad” – Isabella, age 11 When I heard that these words came from a young girl  read more..

Honoured by the Queen: Mavis Orton

Honoured by the Queen: Mavis Orton

Mavis Orton, a small, 74-year-old missionary nurse and midwife from Tamworth, England, was honoured by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on June  read more..