Missionary Resources

32 Ways to Serve God

32 Ways to Serve God

Written By: Doug Nichols A simple list of 32 ways for children, youth, teenagers, young adults, the middle-aged and seniors to serve  read more..

Ten Problems Missionaries Face

Ten Problems Missionaries Face

The following was adapted from ACTION Founder, Doug Nichols: 1. Discouragement with results of witnessing, progress in churches, growth in converts, uncertainty  read more..

Missionary Burnout Awareness

ACTION’s Sustainable Church Multiplication Team of Patrick O’Connor and Paul Goodner gives some tips on overcoming burnout in ministry:        read more..

What Can You Do Now?

TEN STEPS to help you make an intelligent decision regarding your role in missions 1. LISTEN TO MISSIONS SPEAKERS Get as much  read more..

Ten Qualities That Are Most Useful in Missions

1. A LOVE FOR GOD Is your number one goal in life to become more like Jesus by obeying His Word? Is  read more..

Fundraising Principles

Bishop Fred Magbanua spoke at Christian Growth Ministries’ 50th anniversary celebration. At that event he shared some principles on raising funds and  read more..