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Vincent Opira

In October of 2018, the staff of ACTION Uganda went into a village in Parabongo to check on the family of a student  that attends JITT primary school.

As the staff inquired of the adults (4 women) as to why the other village children were not in school, they were told that they simply did not have the money to send their children even to the local public school and that most of them had not been to school in 3 years if ever! Vincent Opira was one of those children. 

Approximately one week later, the staff returned to the village and got photos and ages of the 16 children. They also got the last grade they completed. All of the children in Parabongo desperately wanted to go to school.

Lilly, AU's on staff social worker enrolled these children in the local public school (Awayugi community school) in February 2019 through ACTION Uganda's Child Sponsorship Program.

Almost one year later, school, a uniform and 1 meal/day has made a huge difference in Vincent's life.  

UPDATE! In April of 2021, Jenny and the AU team visited with Vincent at JITT where he now attends as a boarding student. He is small and is a shy boy but will be with his siblings and cousins from Parabongo village. All of his school needs have been met.

Please help us keep the children of Parabongo in school and give them the chance to be all that God has called them to be!


Amt to Date                     30/month

Amt still needed             $20/month