Raquel de Jesús works with former street kids and their families at her ministry center in Bogotá. She tells how two of these children are making an impact for Christ in their homes.

Alex started coming to the ministry center when she was five years old. Early on, she acknowledged that Jesus died to save her. She says she desires to live a life pleasing to God and shared, “As I grow in my faith, I want to live in holiness and practice what I learn from the Bible.” Because of Alex’s testimony, her mother has become a follower of Christ and now attends worship services and our midweek Bible study.

Another child, Mike, has also been coming to the ministry center for many years. His mother was so encouraged b
y the changes in his behavior that she started attending our Bible study. She recently shared, “I learned about a powerful God, and I kept coming back. I wanted to grow nearer to God! I realized that I needed God to take control of my life, so I accepted Jesus as my Savior. He has given strength to my family through difficult times.”

Please pray that these children will continue to be blessings in their homes. It is my prayer that many more adults will come to know Jesus through the testimonies of their children. Please also pray that we will be good examples of those who follow Jesus.