Minister with and through the local church in spreading the hope of Jesus Christ. Supporting and building up churches in Lusaka and surrounding communities.


Kelly & Tricia Huckaby

Zambia Director

Country Address
Lusaka, Zambia


Phone: +260 97 9773776

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ACTION Zambia (AZ) was started in 2002 to come alongside and strenghten existing local churches in Lusaka, especially churches in the compounds/slum areas that encircle Lusaka. Currently, AZ has two missionary families and six full-time national staff workers, plus other support staff and partnerships, serving Christ in the greater Lusaka area.

We currently have needs for more missionary workers/familes in our Pastoral and Leadership Development Department and our Chidlren in Crisis Ministries, as well out at Camp Ciyanjano. Please contact Kelly Huckaby (Country Director) for more information.

Mission Statement:

ACTION Zambia exists to glorify God by strengthening local churches and equipping them for ministry in the fulfillment of the God-given gospel mandates of proclaiming Christ to sinners, ministering to those in need, and discipling the saints to godliness in word and deed.

ACTION Zambia’s philosophy can be summarized by the following five statements: 

1. Our ultimate objective is the strengthening of local churches, which are capable of reproducing and effectively responding to the urgent needs in Zambia, throughout Africa, and around the world.

2. We seek to cultivate passionate, indigenous vision and ministry within churches.

3. We do holistic ministry, with the gospel and disciple-making being central to all we do.

4. We are investment-minded, seeking to make a long-term investment with godly Zambian leaders and churches.

5. We are committed to a team approach in ministry, leveraging the gifts and skills God provides through Zambian and missionary colleagues.

ACTION Zambia’s (AZ) Ministry Areas: 

Pastoral Leadership Development (PLD)

CROSS Project HIV/AIDS Ministry

Camp Ciyanjano

Children in Crisis Ministries

AZ Office and Administration

Support AZ National Workers/Staff

Where Most Needed

Medical Fund


PLD Pastoral Training Instructor

Discipleship 2:7 Ministry Coordinator

Camp Ciyanjano Facilities Manager

Associated Missionaries