In Colombia, ACTION missionaries are involved in discipleship to families at risk and leaders, street outreach, literacy work, children's clubs, and other ministries
Latin America & Caribbean


Denis & Sheila Garzón

Country Director

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Bogotá, Colombia


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Colombia is a country that has charm, beauty, and love. It is the size of Texas and California put together. We at ACTION Colombia want to tell you why we work in this paradise.

Phil and Mariela Legal live and work in Bogotá. They have a passion for the poor. Almost 50 percent of Colombians live below the UN Poverty line and 15 percent subsist in chronic poverty and suffer from starvation and lack housing, medical care, and education. The Legals’ work consists of children’s ministries, church planting and leadership training, community and social development.

Raquel de Jesús is involved in Bible study and discipleship to former street kids and their families. Her ministry is located in the barrio Juan Pablo II, located in the largest region of Bogotá known as Ciudad Bolivar. The work includes Bible clubs for children and youth, adult Bible studies, street children ministry, camping ministry and medical care and feeding outreach. Raquel bases her ministries out of the church/ministry centre she established, called Pacto en ACCIÓN.

Denis and Sheila Garzón work with street outreach, children’s clubs, and youth and ladies Bible studies and discipleship. They work in the barrio Sucre, in the region of Usme, in southeast Bogotá. This is one of the poorest areas of Bogotá where 57 percent live below the UN Poverty Standards. The Garzóns’ work includes children and adult ministries and youth outreach. They have an extensive training program for nationals to become ministerial workers. A church has been started and has 25 regular attendees. Their goal is to put the Sucre ministry in the hands of the nationals in five years.

ACTION Colombia currently has many missionary positions that need to be filled.




Ministry Recipients:

Mothers, kids, leaders

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