Costa Rica


Two of our missionaries are located in Costa Rica, serving in different capacities and a wide variety of ministries. Their efforts range from creating discipleship material to ministering with orphanages and people at risk
Latin America & Caribbean


Andrea Rodríguez

Latin America & Caribbean Regional Coordinator

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Costa Rica


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Costa Rica is a small country of 19,714 square miles, located in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua and Panama. It has a population of 4.9 million people. According to the Joshua Project, there are 21 people groups, 95.6% professing Christians, and 14.98% Evangelicals.

Rick Polson is a veteran missionary, and, along with his wife, Sandy, have lived and ministered in Costa Rica for some 30 years. Rick seeks to set up a program to train the church how to disciple new believers. He also envisions an online Bible college to train up the church from anywhere in the world, which he is presently endeavoring to develop. You can find out more about this ministry from Rick’s missionary page below.

Andrea Rodríguez is currently serving as the Interim Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean. She partners with local ministries to help meet the spiritual and physical needs of the people they work with.

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