Donate Assets & Stocks

ACTION USA has the ability to receive donations of assets and stocks.


Dear Friends of ACTION,

ACTION USA has visited the Seattle office of the National Christian Foundation (NCF). There we learned that the Foundation is promoting asset-based giving.

When assets rather than cash are donated to charities, there are tax advantages in most cases. Some donors may be short on cash and yet have stocks or other investments which they would like to give either completely or fractionally.

NCF, to which Action International Ministries belongs, is a convenient way to make this kind of gift. I recommend watching this 2-minute video produced by the NCF on asset-based giving.

The Power of Asset-Based Giving from National Christian Foundation on Vimeo


Stock can also be given directly to ACTION USA. We maintain a brokerage account and are able to liquidate stock and credit the proceeds to our members and projects as preferenced by the donors. Please call 425-775-4800 for more information.

Thank you for your consideration,