Ministry Types

Administration: Explore Opportunities | Ministries
Administration is often not considered when thinking missions. Prayer and support – support from men and women to keep the missionaries fully strengthened and equipped to do the ministry. Accountants, managers, computer support, editors, photojournalists, mobilizers, missionary care, graphic artist, mailing specialists, personnel managers, office assistants, interns, and volunteers are all necessary.

Bible Teaching & Discipleship: Explore Opportunities | Ministries
Many of our ministries involve encouraging and equipping nationals with sound Biblical Teaching and our missionaries disciple nationals to do the work alongside them. Often multiplying this effort for sound Biblical Doctrine and obedience to God’s Word.

Book Publishing: Explore Opportunities | Ministries
Within ACTION we have a few authors who serve with their skills of words to encourage and challenge the church. This also encompasses translation projects of already published books to extend their reach to those who communicate in a different language. Do check out our Free Book downloads here.

Camp & Bible Clubs: Explore Opportunities | Ministries 
Our Camp and Bible Club ministries are various array of ministries that involve evangelism and or discipleship of children and teens.

Children Homes: Explore Opportunities | Ministries 
ACTION does have a few ministries that offer residential care for orphans, semi-orphans or poor children.

Church Planting: Explore Opportunities | Ministries 
ACTION seeks to plant churches primarily though the training support of national church planters. Our missionaries go as trainers. We support and encourage their efforts.

Children In Crisis: Explore Opportunities | Ministries 
Children In Crisis globally is why ACTION exists to seek to be the hands and fee of Jesus bringing everlasting hope to the hopeless in this life and for eternity. This is a ministry that is often not pretty and takes emotional toll on missionaries who walk the streets of slums around the world seeking to care for the lost and abandoned.

Disaster Relief: Explore Opportunities | Ministries 
ACTION missionaries have found themselves time and time again in or near major natural disasters and utilize their placement to provide relief to the nationals in the name of Jesus Christ focusing our relief efforts though local churches and hands on.

Donate Items: Explore Opportunities | Ministries 
For Ministries which are seeking donations not just of funds but of items.

Education: Explore Opportunities | Ministries
This is a very broad scope covering all the areas of missionaries who choose to be educators of missionary kids, international students, and nationals. In environments like After school drop in centers, K-12 education schools, one-on-one ESL, and personal teaching of missionary families.

Medical: Explore Opportunities | Ministries 
Medical Ministries include our HIV/AIDS, first aid care in disaster relief, our birthing clinic, and more.

Media: Explore Opportunities | Ministries
Videography, photography,  and radio ministry.

Performing Arts & Crafts: Explore Opportunities | Ministries
Music, Drama, Puppets, Painting etc. We are expressive in ministry.

Permaculture: Explore Opportunities | Ministries
Educate and empower those living in poverty with the knowledge and skills needed to invigorate local food sources and economy through educating and instructing trainers in the practice of permaculture.

Sports: Explore Opportunities | Ministries
Sports ministry have a strong draw in many cultures and not just Footbol (Soccer). Our missionaries seek to engage communities with this exciting form of evangelism.

Technology: Explore Opportunities | Ministries
Technology to provide relief, advance the Gospel, or multiply the efforts of our missionaries. We use technology in missions. More than just computers. We use the appropriate technology for the need at hand. Cars, bikes, computers, cell phones, and more.

Vocational Training: Explore Opportunities | Ministries
ACTION has developed a number of vocational ministries that seek to teach nationals skills they can use to gain employment or be self employed.