Canada: ACTION Ventures Bridge Team 2016-2017


Using the performing arts to minister to people and instil mission in the hearts of the team members.
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Mark & Cheryl Sorell Director of ACTION Ventures


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AV Bridge Team September 2016-June 2017.

The Arts will be the primary tool for proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of God. The team will collaborate in music, drama, dance, chalk-art, leading Bible studies, prayer ministry and public speaking.

The team year will begin with 2 months (Sept-Oct) of training in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The team will begin learning what it means to function as a team under the Lordship of Jesus. Training includes times of worship, spiritual growth, team growth, leadership growth, training in Bible themes, cross-cultural ministry, missions, prayer ministry, discipleship, the arts in general, contemporary drama and music. The emphasis on a Bridge Team is putting knowledge and faith into action.

After a Fall Tour in Canada, which gives teams an opportunity to put into practice what was learned at training camp, and a chance to generate prayer and financial support from home churches, the team will head overseas for 4 ½ months. They will be partnering with missionaries and local pastors in various aspects of ministry, including the stage, prayer, discipleship, and work projects.

In April, the team will return to Canada for a time of rest, a Spring Tour and a time of wrap up and debrief. The goal of this time is to help bring closure to the team year and help set direction for the coming year.

Missionaries in This Country

  • Helmuth Graewe


    Training and Discipleship, using the performing Arts, with ACTION Ventures for short term teams going overseas, for ACTION, schools, and churches....

    Current Ministry

    Canada: ACTION Ventures

  • Kimmie Roszmann


    Recruitment and training with ACTION Ventures...

    Current Ministry

    Canada: ACTION Ventures

  • Mark & Cheryl Sorell


    Action Ventures, Arts with a Purpose, Assisting Churches, Schools; Colleges in providing Discipleship; Missions Training...

    Current Ministry

    Canada: ACTION Ventures