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There are very few biblical resources available to Christian Cambodians in their own language, and even fewer tools are available to pastors in their study.  You can participate in providing God-centered resources to our brothers and sisters in Cambodia in the following ways:

Current Printing Needs:
Praise God! We’ve printed Fundamentals of the Faith by Grace Community Church, What is a Healthy Church? by Mark Dever, True Discipleship by William MacDonald, the seven book Navigator’s series, Design for Discipleship, A Brief Introduction to the Bible by Bora Chheang, three issues of and Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die by John Piper, and soon we plan to print Attributes of God by A.W. Pink and a booklet on marriage by Robert Wells.
You can view our current published resources and download eBooks for free at

Online Resource Projects:
We live in the internet age and so ACTION Cambodia has strategically sought to publish Christ-centered resources online as well as catalogue what Christian resources are available in the Khmer language.
We created Cambodian Christian Resources to be an archive of current Christian material in the Khmer language, as well as a platform to deliver ACTION Cambodia’s own translated works in eBook and audio formats. Since launching in 2013 we’ve served almost 15,000 eBook downloads in Khmer. (Translated: The True Way) was launched to fill the void of social media driven Christian content. It is a combination of original articles in Khmer written by our missionaries and local Khmer pastors as well as translated works from sites such as The Gospel Coalition, Tim Challies, Desiring God, Adam4D, and The Cripple Gate.

We’ve started to print the most popular articles from in booklet format to pass out to churches without charge. Each print runs about $1000 (for 2,000 copies). So far we’ve printed and distributed over 10,000 of these booklets!

No gift is too small, even sponsoring a small amount helps enable us to continue to publish Christ-centered articles for the building up of the Body of Christ in Cambodia. Our current monthly operating costs for these two sites is $1,300.

Future Translation Projects to Sponsor:
We desire to see Christ-centered books translated and put into the hands of pastors and Christians throughout Cambodia. These are some of the books we feel would be of great use to the Cambodian church.

Confessions by Saint Augustine (est. $7,000)
Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon (est. $7,000)
Knowing God by J. I. Packer (est. $6,500)
Foxe’s Book of Martyrs by John Foxe (est. $7,000)
Lectures on Galatians by Martin Luther (est. $4,500)
Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life by John Calvin (est. $4,500)
A Simple Way to Pray by Martin Luther (est. $3,000)
On the Incarnation by Athanasius (est. $3,500)
The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter (est. $9,000)
The Pursuit of God by A W Tozer (est. $8,000)
Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners by John Bunyan (est. $6,500)
Power through Prayer by E.M. Bounds (est. $5,500)