Cuba: Pastors’ Conferences


Several times a year ACTION is privileged to host local, regional, and national conferences for Cuban pastors.



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The majority of pastors in Cuba have little or no formal training. Coming along denominations who invite us, ACTION hosts pastors’ conferences on a local, regional, and national level.

We organize several conferences each year, for the purpose of training and encouraging pastors and leaders. Coordinating everything through the denominational leaderships we minister with, ACTION covers the entire budget for these events, including:

Transportation for pastors coming from other provinces, meals, a conference notebook and pen, and a set of books. (Local churches provide lodging for all the pastors.)

We normally plan for about 200 attendees, though at times we have held conferences for as many as 550.

In August of 2010, for example, we were privileged to have Dr. Craig Keener speak at two 4-day conferences, one in Santiago and the other in Havana. Dr. Keener taught on studying the Bible in context.

Other conferences have been focused on other themes depending on the expertise of the speaker: pastoral counseling, apologetics, sermon preparation, pastoral leadership, hermeneutics, and other topics.

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