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Homes and churches destroyed

Rudy (not his real name) and his parents were invited to an all-night prayer vigil. It was a Saturday night, April 16, 2016, and they would have liked to relax at home, but they decided to attend. Minutes after they left their house, it collapsed in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that slammed their little town of Pedernales that night.

This is only one of the many stories of devastation from this year’s earthquake in Ecuador.

ACTION’s response

Action International Ministries members Pastor Félix and Noralba Valencia have worked among the poor communities of Ecuador’s coast for more than 20 years. They are loved and respected by church leaders in the area; and since the earthquake, Félix has made several trips to the affected area to help an independent church rebuild its demolished building.

A year after the earthquake, the town is trying to rebuild but still remains largely in shambles. Many still live in tents, jobs are still short, and spiritual and emotional hopelessness still reign in many hearts and minds.

This local church is being faithful to fight the odds and financial burden of rebuilding. The road has been long, but the brothers and sisters there remain faithful in their vision to serve their community in the name of Christ. They would like to offer spiritual counseling and free Bibles to community members; and they plan to partner with Compassion International Ecuador to establish a sponsorship program for the town’s children. But first, the church building must be completed.

Church leaders would like to finish this building program by the end of May 2017. The local believers in Ecuador have been faithful to give sacrificially, but it is not enough.  They are now praying for Christians around the world to join with them in giving. Will you come along side the Ecuador church and consider a financial gift? Your one-time gift to purchase the remaining building supplies will be multiplied in spiritual value as the church ministers as a local body and partners with Compassion to feed and support the town’s children.


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