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Phase I of relief distribution will occur in late July 2017. There may be a second phase of relief work, if funding allows.


Matt & Amy Dunn International Coordinators of Disaster Response


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Date Posted: August 17, 2017

Thanks to your prayers and giving, our team of local believers were able to minister to many families by distributing crisis care packs and praying with those affected by flooding. Unfortunately, only weeks after returning from the flooded-area–and only weeks after the waters receded, the area has been hit again with more torrential rains and even more widespread flooding. Please continue to pray for this area as local Christians and workers assess how they may be able to help. Because of the additional flooding, more funding may be needed. Consider giving to India Flood Relief.

Date Posted: July 17, 2017

An Indian pastor stood across the street from his church, taking cell phone video and pleading for prayer from fellow believers as flood waters rose around the small building where Christians gather in his village each Sunday. By the end of the week, this church, as well as others, and many homes had either collapsed or suffered severe damage in the waters. Statewide, 60 people had died, 100,000 had moved to temporary relief camps, and more than 250,000 acres of crops had been destroyed.

Led by one of our ACTION missionaries, a team of four local believers has volunteered to travel next week to meet up with other Indian Christians in the flood-damaged area to organize and distribute relief materials to the most needy people, including children, widows, and the elderly. Included in each packet will be a New Testament, and the Good News will be shared with those who will listen.

This work has already begun, but our Indian brothers and sisters responding to this crisis desire to serve even more people in the name of Christ. Would you consider giving now to support the Indian flood relief distribution? A gift of any amount will help purchase needed supplies and New Testaments for flood relief. 

Prayer Requests

  • For the cooperation of the local village authorities at our target location. Pray that they would not purposefully hinder this relief distribution on religious grounds.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would prepare the hearts of the people to receive the gospel and that we would be able to present it well.
  • Pray for our journey mercies as our travel would be one challenging part (there is flood damage to several roads in the state).


Ministry Recipients:

Orphans, children, elderly, pregnant women, trauma survivors

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