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God is raising up a new generation from the Majority World and the Global South to take the Gospel to the next generation. We believe God is leading ACTION to become a multinational missionary sending agency.


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This webpage is dedicated to ACTION Global Partners (GP) are mature disciples of Christ who are from the Majority World (sometimes called the Global South).

ACTION Jubilee – 40th Year Anniversary

July 9-15, 2015

Thanks so much for your help!

Many of our global partners were able to come to the Jubilee: Krista, Daniel, Barnabas and Tabitha, Paul, Kamal and Y and J were all able to  enjoy fellowship and all the fun we had at our Jubilee celebration. What an encouragement!

Gospel to the Next Generation

God is raising up a new generation from the Majority World and the Global South to take the Gospel to the next generation. We believe God is leading ACTION to become a multinational missionary sending agency.

ACTION Global Partners Take Action to Help Nepal Earthquake Victims – June 1, 2015

Barnabas & Tabitha, Paul & Maya, Kumar, and Y & J Tamang responded immediately to get relief to earthquake victims in Nepal. Barnabas and Paul both live in Kathmandu and continue to experience hardship and the aftershocks. But they are not allowing these to hold them back from ministering relief and the gospel among their respective people groups.

Paul has arranged for helicopters to ferry relief supplies to Himalayan highland regions virtually impossible to reach by road or even by trekking. Presently he is negotiating with authorities to help transfer an entire village wiped out by earthquake landslides to a safe location, while continuing to ferry relief supplies to unreached villages.

Barnabas is guiding relief and the construction of shelters among extremely poor low caste peoples. These are typically overlooked, marginalized people in society in which little is done to help them in response to catastrophes. These are some of the same peoples to whom he has been ministering the gospel.

Kumar is Nepali, but lives and teaches at the International Graduate School of Leadershp in Manila, Philippines. His home village district (Sindhupalchock) was 90% destroyed and his aunt killed by the April 25th earthquake. Burdened for his people, Kumar returned to Nepal for four weeks during IGSL’s summer break to lead extensive relief efforts to villages in his home region. Just before returning he arranged to have roofing materials trucked in to his village to provide durable shelter for 10 families.

Y Tamang lives in NE India in the center of his pastor and church planter ministry training area – East Nepal, NE India and other places. He wrote two days after the quake, “Oh just heard heart breaking news from my PLD guys that several churches have collapsed in Kathmandu and other districts.” He has since been guiding extensive relief efforts in hardest hit communities in Nepal. Y. Tamang has relatives and close friends living in the earthquake effected area of Nepal. Tamang’s plan is to return periodically to continue to assist the earthquake recovery process.

These Global Partners are enabled by many friends and supporters worldwide that pray for and contribute to ACTION’s “Nepal: Emergency Earthquake Relief” fund. ACTION and our four Global Partners are committed for the long haul to serve through Nepali churches to minister to the millions of Nepalis affected by the earthquake. ACTION has other network friends in Nepal and personnel in North India all cooperating to extend compassionate care spiritually, emotionally and physically. Please continue to pray and give as God prompts you to share. Our goal is to raise $400,000 or more to help. Thanks for partnering with us in the gospel.

L Nelson Reed

ACTION International Director

June 1, 2015

From everywhere to everywhere!

There are several things ACTION Global Partners have in common with each other and with every other ACTION member – a love for God and His Word, a love for their neighbor, a commitment to making disciples of the nations, a definite call to serve in missions, a kindred spirit with the ACTION family.

ACTION GPs undergo an application process and screening the same as any other missionary serving with ACTION. They are commissioned by their local church so serve as partners with ACTION.

Some ACTION GPs serve in the country of their birth, some serve abroad. Most serve people from different social/ethnic groups. All are committed to the Great Commission.

All ACTION GMs come from developing economy countries. ACTION’s policy states that each member is responsible to raise his or her own personal support and ministry funds. Immediately you can understand the challenge ACTION GPs face. Since it is difficult for missionaries from the West to raise their support, how much more difficult it is for GMs! Thus this webpage is meant to create awareness and to promote ACTION Global Partners as a way of coming along side and to assist them in their prayer and resource development.

Pray with us to the Lord of the Harvest to entrust to ACTION members from everywhere that we might send them everywhere. Look with us to God that He might open our eyes to new ways of resourcing missions and missionaries, particularly those from the Majority World and Global South.

Please take a moment and toggle through the missionary profiles found below, and prayerfully rejoice with us for all that God is doing throughout the world through ACTION GPs. Take a step of faith and become partners with one or more of them! Thank you.

To God be all the glory!

Gospel to the Next Generation Triathlon – April 18, 2015

ACTION International Director, his two sons and two friends “ran” a 40 kilometer triathlon to promote making reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ of all the nations to the next generation on April 18. Sponsors and donors of the event contributed to assist GM come to the ACTION Jubilee.

Missionaries in This Country

  • Kumar & Kathryn Aryal


    Kumar serves as Professor in Intercultural Studies Department and Kats serves as Faculty in Education Program at International Graduate School of Leadership (IG...
  • Barnabas & Tabitha


    God's instrument in the most unreached Hindu-population in fertile plains of Southern Nepal and Northern India in response of God's calling....

    Current Ministry

    Nepal: Emergency Earthquake Relief

    ACTION Global Partners

  • Paul & Maya


    Make committed followers of God by partnering with local, national and international friends....

    Current Ministry

    Nepal: Emergency Earthquake Relief

    ACTION Global Partners

  • Y & J Tamang


    Current Ministry

    Nepal: Emergency Earthquake Relief

    ACTION Global Partners