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God is raising up a new generation from the Majority World and the Global South to take the Gospel to the next generation. We believe God is leading ACTION to become a multinational missionary sending agency.


Thomas & Susanna Smoak International Director


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From everywhere to everywhere!

There are several things ACTION Global Partners have in common with each other and with every other ACTION member – a love for God and His Word, a love for their neighbor, a commitment to making disciples of the nations, a definite call to serve in missions, a kindred spirit with the ACTION family.

ACTION GPs undergo an application process and screening the same as any other missionary serving with ACTION. They are commissioned by their local church so serve as partners with ACTION.

Some ACTION GPs serve in the country of their birth, some serve abroad. Most serve people from different social/ethnic groups. All are committed to the Great Commission.

All ACTION GMs come from developing economy countries. ACTION’s policy states that each member is responsible to raise his or her own personal support and ministry funds. Immediately you can understand the challenge ACTION GPs face. Since it is difficult for missionaries from the West to raise their support, how much more difficult it is for GMs! Thus this webpage is meant to create awareness and to promote ACTION Global Partners as a way of coming along side and to assist them in their prayer and resource development.

Pray with us to the Lord of the Harvest to entrust to ACTION members from everywhere that we might send them everywhere. Look with us to God that He might open our eyes to new ways of resourcing missions and missionaries, particularly those from the Majority World and Global South.

Please take a moment and toggle through the missionary profiles found below, and prayerfully rejoice with us for all that God is doing throughout the world through ACTION GPs. Take a step of faith and become partners with one or more of them! Thank you.

To God be all the glory!


Missionaries in This Country

  • Kumar & Kathryn Aryal


    Kumar serves as Professor in Intercultural Studies Department and Kats serves as Faculty in Education Program at International Graduate School of Leadership (IG...
  • Barnabas & Tabitha


    God's instrument in the most unreached Hindu-population in fertile plains of Southern Nepal and Northern India in response of God's calling....

    Current Ministry

    ACTION Global Partners

  • Y & J Family


    Current Ministry

    ACTION Global Partners

  • Paul & Maya


    Make committed followers of God by partnering with local, national and international friends....

    Current Ministry

    ACTION Global Partners