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Dr. Abigail Rattin, served as medical coordinator for the ACTION Uganda ministries from 2011 to 2016. Currently we are in need of a medical doctor or nurse to come and lead the ministry.


Nelson & Linda Reed Africa Regional Coordinator


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The 11-year-old limped full speed across the soccer field and tumbled as he tried to reach the ball before his friends.  His club foot held him back, even though his skills on the field rivaled his peers.  “S” got the much needed surgery in December 2012 and is still doing daily therapy to get his foot to function more efficiently.

“School doesn’t want him there anymore.  He has been falling.” “J” sat at Home of Love, sadly watching the other children go off to school, as he weakly moved to sit under the mango tree.  Dr. Rattin and Nurse Esther worked together to get this 12 year old an EEG to evaluate for epilepsy.  Sure enough, epilepsy was demonstrated and he was started on treatment immediately.  After a few months of adjusting the dose, he is now seizure-free and free of side-effects from the medicine.

Skin and bones, the toddler couldn’t make eye contact, did not care that other children were playing around her, and hardly wanted to eat when the food was offered to her.  Three months later, spunky 2 year old “A” was trying to lead the Home of Love choir and corner the goats.  Malnourished children have transformed before our eyes as Nurse Esther carefully feeds them a homemade mixture of peanut paste, honey, and powdered milk.

Dr. Rattin, USA board certified family medicine physician with a Master’s degree in Public Health and Ugandan licensed practicing doctor, served as medical coordinator for the ACTION Uganda ministries to 2016.  Most of her attention was focused on Home of Love and Jesus is the Truth Nursery and Primary School. Funds applied to the Medical Ministry account cover the expenses that arise from medical evaluations and treatments.

We believe that these most vulnerable children should receive the best possible care available to us.

Dr. Rattin also served the missionary community with the goal of helping families stay on the field by meeting their medical needs.  This involved many phone calls, emails, and home visits. Dr. Rattin headed out of Uganda in September of 2016.

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