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Mentoring and discipling former street boys and school drop outs to become disciples of Jesus.


Greg & Sarah Seiling Coordinators


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Honest Hands Discipleship Home

  • Honest Hands Discipleship Home disciples, encourages and challenges young men ages 15-20 from rough backgrounds (street kids, school drop outs, squatter kids) to grow strong and deepen their faith in Jesus Christ as they serve Him. Up to ten young men spend nine months at Honest Hands in the long term discipleship program. They are involved in a tutorial program which will help them receive an elementary or high-school diploma. They also attend Bible classes that help them learn to live the Christian life and follow Jesus each day. On top of this, they learn basic life skills such as cooking, hygiene and how to socialize with others. A significant focus of the program is relational. The staff of Honest Hands seek to journey side by side with these men as they learn what it is to be a mature Christian and a light in this dark world.

About the Ministry Leaders

Greg and Sarah Seiling are the ministry leaders of Honest Hands Discipleship Home. To find out more information about them, click: Greg and Sarah Seiling.

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  • Greg & Sarah Seiling


    Discipleship ministry home for street boys....

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    Philippines: Honest Hands Discipleship Home