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ACTION response to Nepal 2015 earthquake


Thomas & Susanna Smoak International Director Designate


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Total donations through Thursday 10/08/15:  USD $119,992.46

ACTION Global Partners Take Action to Help Nepal Earthquake Victims

Barnabas & Tabitha, Paul & Maya, Kumar, and Y & J responded immediately to get relief to earthquake victims in Nepal. Barnabas and Paul both live in Kathmandu and continue to experience hardship and the aftershocks. But they are not allowing these to hold them back from ministering relief and the gospel among their respective people groups.

September 6, Paul wrote:
The situation in Nepal is getting normal. However, we still have quakes almost every day between 4-5 magnitude. Nevertheless, it is considered as normal nowadays. In some areas, landslides have made lives chaotic in the Himalayas.

God has really used you and us to be channels of His blessings for our people in the Himalayas. God has helped us to connect with high ranking leaders, ministers, and key village leaders in Nepal to help the victims.

Places where we focused and worked for relief had no ground transportation connection. We were wondering how to be involved in relief work as a NGO. We were asking the Social Welfare Council Nepal and the local district government to help us to help our people in the Himalayas. Finally, we were able to get into the home minister’s office, shared our problems of transportation, and asked for their help. They asked us to submit the RHC documents and we did it. After three days, we have been given a free helicopter to charter our things into the Himalayas. We have used the helicopter 4 times. We also used the helicopter to rescue people in the Chepuwa region (northeast part of Nepal), which is my province (hometown). I think our NGO is the only NGO that received a free helicopter from the government. We praise God for His favor in us. This is divine intervention in our relief work for His glory.

August 27: Barnabas says:
I am so grateful to you all for earnestly interceding with me and keeping Nepal in your prayers. I present to you my heartfelt “Thank You!” with those who are receiving voluntary help and relief after the devastating earthquake.They say, “You have come as HOPE to us, and encouraged us to fight well for ourselves!”

Adopt-a-Church to Adopt-a-Village
ACTION’s relief and rehab strategy is “Adopt-a-Church to Adopt-a-Village.” Churches and Christians throughout the world are sought to adopt churches in Nepal that ACTION partners with. By partnering together, Nepali churches will be empowered to transition through the relief phase to rehabilitation and ministries of the gospel in 8 to 12 villages.

The goal is to stabilize small village churches and enable them to give practical, ongoing blessings to their communities during the long road to recovery.

The UN estimates 1.4 million displaced people will need food and water for at least another 3 months. The Nepal government anticipates that throughout the country half a million homes have been destroyed!

Now is the time to prioritize the recovery and reconstruction phase – to adopt churches that in turn adopt villages! Now is the time for Christians to determine, according to each person’s ability, to send aid to earthquake victims living in Nepal (Acts 11:27-30).

Westminster Chapel in the Seattle area is the first church to adopt a village and had given $40,000 for this!

James Wegmeyer, a 6-month short termer, has agreed to assist Barnabas and Paul, especially writing proposals and seeking grants from NGO’s serving in Nepal.

ACTION Earthquake Response Budget and Logistics

  • $50,000 estimated average cost per village, 20/80 split between relief and rehab:
  • $10,000 relief – food, water, blankets, tents, hygiene supplies, clothes
  • $40,000 rehab and reconstruction – building materials (metal roofing, rebar, cement, wire, brick making equipment, water tanks, water filters, toilets)
  • $400,000 total project goal for 8 to 12 villages
  • Project dates: May – November 2015 (6 to 9 months)
  • Districts in focus:
  • Makawanpur
  • Dhading
  • Sindhupalchowk
  • Ramechap
  • Village Development Centers (VDC) targeted:
  • Jharlang: 920 houses, all destroyed
  • Sertung: 1100 houses, all destroyed
  • Ramechap: 260 houses damaged, 125 totally destroyed
  • Kakada: 672 damaged & 330 totally destroyed houses; 8,368 population
  • Raksirang: 596 damaged & 323 totaled houses; 7,600 pop.
  • Hadikhola: 596 damaged & 291 totally destroyed houses; 23,671 pop.
  • Dhuseni: 172 families, all houses destroyed
  • Sindhupalchowk: 2,911 deaths, estimate 90% houses destroyed

The pedologist of Nepal suggested to the government that the Dhading District, Rasuwa district, Nuwakot district, Gorkha district, Sindupalchok District and Dolakha District, a total of 43 villages, be moved before the monsoon season, which begins next week.

The government asked ACTION missionary Paul to help in the Dhading district of Sertung VDC, Ri VDC and Jharlang VDC for relocation. The Nepal president, Mr. Ram Baran Yadab, visited the Sertung on June 9 and observed the risked villages. ACTION, in partnership with Reaching Himalayas (Paul’s ministry in Nepal) to raise money for 100 families in this area. Each home will cost $2,100 to build. Time is short.

ACTION Nepal Earthquake Response efforts are guided by our personnel and network partners in Nepal, because conditions and needs are continually changing.

ACTION and our four Global Partners are committed for the long haul to serve through Nepali churches to minister to the millions of Nepalis affected by the earthquake. ACTION has other network friends in Nepal and personnel in North India all cooperating to extend compassionate care spiritually, emotionally and physically. Please continue to pray and give as God prompts you to share. Our goal is to raise $610,000 or more to help. Thanks for partnering with us in the gospel.

L Nelson Reed

ACTION International Director

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