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PRBI Reach Team – Philippines 2018

We are excited about this team which is part of an academic program from Peace River Bible Institute called REACH. The team will be raising funds, training and going to the Philippines under the experienced leadership of Action Ventures. AV is a training division of Action International Ministries based in Calgary. The goal is to raise funds by mid-April in order to train, travel (Apr 27-May 27), serve street kids and assist some church plants near Manila. The team members will be trained to use the arts (music, drama, illusions, puppets, chalkart, testimonies…) and present the Gospel. There is really nothing that transforms lives and communities like the Gospel shared in the power of the Holy Spirit. They will be serving and performing on the streets, in schools, at sports events and door to door. Each team member would appreciate your prayers and financial support through this dynamic learning experience.

If you wish to support this team, you can click the “Donate Online” button, or contact the ACTION Canada office for more options.


Ministry Recipients:

Children in Crisis, squatter families

Missionaries in This Country

  • Helmuth Graewe


    Training and Discipleship, using the performing Arts, with ACTION Ventures for short term teams going overseas, for ACTION, schools, and churches....

    Current Ministry

    Canada: ACTION Ventures

  • Mark & Cheryl Sorell


    Action Ventures, Arts with a Purpose, Assisting Churches, Schools; Colleges in providing Discipleship; Missions Training...

    Current Ministry

    Canada: ACTION Ventures