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Responsible Disaster Response

Without fail, each year brings its share of natural and man-made humanitarian disasters throughout the world. In developing countries, these disasters are often devastating.

Action International has members in some of the most impoverished areas in the world, working with local churches and organizations in evangelism, discipleship and development. When disasters occur in these areas, the needs are great.

The Action International Disaster Response Fund will enable us to act quickly and continuously when disaster strikes. We ensure that all funds are used responsibly, going through existing ACTION members who are already on the ground and know where help is most needed—both with immediate needs but also with rebuilding and community development in the aftermath of a disaster.

As always, any aid distributed to churches in the wake of a disaster is given in the context of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To partner in ACTION’s General Disaster Response Fund, donate here.

Current Relief Projects

Deadly Earthquakes in Mexico

September 2017: Our ACTION missionary in Mexico will travel to the affected areas on September 27 to assess how ACTION can help. We are currently raising funds to purchase tarps to provide temporary shelter for those whose homes were damaged, as shelters are now full. There are also tentative plans for short-term trips involving building and trauma counseling. To get involved by going, email us now. To give to this project, donate to International Relief Fund and designate funds for Mexico.

Hurricane Irma in Cuba

September 2017: Partnering with local churches, a large food distribution went forth shortly after the storm, and we have taken supplies to repair damaged homes of church members. Additional funds will be distributed to pastors, churches, and Christian families to repair their roofs. If you would like to donate to our team’s relief efforts, please click here.

Flood Relief in Assam, India

September 2017: Several churches were flattened by the floods. The cost to rebuild a church in this region is $1,000–so little for us, so much for the believers there. Would you consider providing the funds for the local bodies to rebuild?

August 2017: One hundred seventy-five families received disaster relief packets, including Bibles and gospel tracts. Pray for them as they rebuild and as local Christians continue to minister to them.

July 2017: An Indian pastor stood across the street from his church, taking cell phone video and pleading for prayer from fellow believers as flood waters rose around the small building where Christians gather in an Indian village each Sunday. By the end of the week, this church, as well as others, and many homes had collapsed or suffered severe damage in the waters. Learn more and give now. 

Ecuador Earthquake rebuilding

ACTION members are assisting an independent church rebuild its demolished building. The frame is complete and a roof has recently been added, but much work still needs to be done. Pastor Félix, the church leaders, and the congregation hope to serve the ongoing needs of their hurting neighbors once there is a safe place to gather. Read More

Additional ongoing relief projects:

Kurdistan: Blankets and Bibles for Refugees Read More


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