Solar Lights Project

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Providing funding to assist ACTION missionaries provide rechargeable, solar-powered lights to those in need.


Scott Gillespie Coordinator


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Where do the poor go to obtain cheap, sustainable, dependable light, for their homes, churches, businesses, etc., in places where electricity is unavailable, unreliable, or unaffordable? One answer that is available is a solar-powered, rechargeable light. Light, portable, and versatile, it costs no money to run, no batteries to replace, and is easy to use.

One company, LuminAid, provides different solar-powered lights for a reasonable price. They recharge in direct sunlight in 8-14 hours, depending on the product,  last 4-50 hours, depending on which brightness setting is used, are water and dust proof, and have a shelf life of at least 2 years; their top products can even charge up your cell phone or tablet. These lights have been used for disaster relief efforts, in refugee camps, and rural homes. LuminAid also provides charity pricing for non-profits – the more lights ordered, the lower the unit price (lights can be purchased for as little as $10.00US).

This project is to raise funds to assist missionaries who wish to utilize this product in their ministry, whether LuminAid brand or other brands. Would you consider giving a donation to this fund, to help ACTION help others have light?

To find out more about what LuminAid has to offer, and specs, click LuminAid Lights.

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