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This April, 2012, ACTION missionaries will be conducting leadership training for 61 church leaders with the maximum security prison in the Philippines.  The prison consists of nearly 14,000 people with 4000 believers.  Over 10 churches have been started within the prison with three Bible schools and one seminary.  We have an opportunity to train them in the use of the Life Application Study Bible (LASB) for their personal study as well as in discipleship, preaching and teaching.  This LASB sells retail for $40US, but we are able to obtain these hardback editions for $11US which includes shipping, handling, and delivery directly to the Philippines.  Perhaps you would like to provide one of these 61 copies for $11US or all for $671US.

Also, the ACTION BookShare office in Seattle received a shipment of 600 Life Application Study Bibles which have been purchased for needy pastors in the Philippines. These are valued at $24,000US, but provided by God’s people. Please pray with us as we hope to repack these 600 large study bibles in 10 large boxes and ship to Manila at $60US for each box, for a total need of $600US. We are so thankful for this wonderful opportunity of serving our Savior by serving His needy servants in ministry in the Philippines!

If you wish to donate to one of the specific projects above, please indicate this in the “Other Comments” box on the donation page, using either “Bibles for prison ministry pastors”, or “600 study Bibles for the Philippines”. Undesignated donations will be used for one of the projects, as decided by the ACTION BookShare team.

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