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Donate your cell phone, tablet, or laptop via prepaid USPS shipping to InterConnection and ACTION receives credit towards refurbished laptops.


Rob & Catherine Taylor USA IT Director


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Donate your laptop, tablet, or cell phone.
ACTION is connecting with InterConnection, a nonprofit that does technology refurbishing and recycling.


1. Download FREE USPS shipping label here. Or use the back of the postcard you received.

2. Place your device(s) in a box and pad it with bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Click to see video below.

3. Tape the USPS shipping label on the box.

4. Drop it off at the post office or anywhere that picks up USPS packages. Click to find USPS.

5. Download a donation receipt here. You can fill out the donation receipt and save it for tax purposes. No signature from InterConnection or Action International Ministries is required.

Businesses anywhere in the USA can schedule a free pick-up. Click here for details.

If you live near Seattle, Washington: you can drop off your donation. Click here for locations.

With your donation for in-person drop off or business pick-ups be sure to Click here to print and include this form .

What does InterConnection do with my devices?

1. You give your 7-year-old or newer functioning laptops, tablets, and cell phones to InterConnection.

2. They refurbish the devices for individuals and organizations in need of technology.

3. If they can’t refurbish they will securely recycle your device.

How does this help ACTION?

1. ACTION receives credits for your gently-used laptop to acquire fully-functional refurbished laptops from the InterConnection Store for Nonprofits that ACTION can repurpose via our Laptop Repurpose Ministry.

2. ACTION also receives a portion of the proceeds when InterConnection has to recycle donated cell phones and laptops or tablets that can’t be refurbished. So, all donated devices support ACTION.

Live outside the USA?

Sorry, InterConnection is not capable of receiving your tech donation in person or with our USA USPS prepaid mailing label.

Click to email Rob Taylor and tell him you would like to give technology to benefit ACTION. If ACTION has missionaries or ministries in your country we might have an opportunity for you to give. Also see our Laptop Repurpose Ministry.


1. Find a box of a suitable size.

2. Wrap your devices in bubble wrap or use packing peanuts.

3. Place the items in the box and tape it up.

4. Apply mailing label – remember to fill out your contact information.

5. Drop it off at a post office or anywhere that picks up USPS packages. Click to find USPS.

Data Destruction

All devices received by InterConnection go through a thorough data destruction process and all hard drives get either wiped or crushed in compliance with federal and state regulations.

On top of that, InterConnection has a $1,000,000 guarantee that your data is destroyed. However, you can also wipe your hard drive yourself before you mail in your computer.

ACTION is not responsible for your data if you choose to donate a device with your personal information and files still on the device. InterConnection does wipe all technology devices before refurbishing or recycling. Please do not ask to get files or personal data back after donating to InterConnection. Below is one of many options you could choose to use to wipe your laptop drive before donating.

Optional: How to wipe your own laptop drive
You can download free KillDisk software click here.You can find more information and instructions on the KillDisk website click here.
Why is ACTION connecting with InterConnection?

InterConnection has a prepaid USPS mailing donation system for anyone in the USA to mail donated devices. ACTION does not.

InterConnection has many people and tools dedicated to refurbishing and, as necessary, recycling technology. ACTION does what it can but not to the large scale that InterConnection can.

InterConnection provides a way to securely refurbish, and as necessary, recycle your old cell phone. Then InterConnection gives ACTION a portion of proceeds from donated cell phones. ACTION is not in a position to collect and refurbish cell phones.

InterConnection is a certified Microsoft Refurbisher which means every laptop ACTION receives from this program comes with the most reliable and current operating system installed. For example, if you donate a laptop with Windows XP, InterConnection gives credit toward a Windows 7 laptop. ACTION could never do that without the cost of buying the newer operating system software every time.

Connecting tech donors to InterConnection to benefit ACTION

InterConnection specializes in charitable computer reuse and all donations of surplus computers, working or not, help us accomplish our mission.

About InterConnection

Contact InterConnection

FAQ with InterConnection

Please note: ACTION does not receive your laptop, tablet, or cell phone from InterConnection. Please see above links to learn what happens to your specific donation. ACTION receives credit or proceeds from your donation. ACTION is not involved in the refurbishing or recycling of your donation sent to InterConnection.

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    USA: ACTS- Laptop Repurpose Ministry

    USA: ACTS- Tech Donate laptops, tablets, cellphones

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    Charles and Bridget Ulibarri - USA - SCM/PLD and Women's Ministry, Mobilization...

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    USA: ACTS- Tech Donate laptops, tablets, cellphones

    USA: ACTS- Laptop Repurpose Ministry