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Care Packages for the Van Hemerts to deliver to the seafarers


John & Jean Van Hemert Missionary Chaplains


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This is a ministry of chaplains John & Jean Van Hemert.

They write:  “Visiting ships is our first step in meeting needs. After asking permission from the Captain we talk with crew members. We leave some magazines for them to read while at sea, we also give them Bibles and Gospel tracts in their national languages.

“Along with providing reading and listening material, we offer Christian counseling and hospitality to the seafarers, far from home. As well as visitations to the sick and hurting, and worship services to so many who can not get to church. ”

Suggested List for Care Packages for the Van Hemerts to deliver to the seafarers:

Stationery: Pen, Writing Pad, Envelopes, Postcards, Christian Christmas Card, Calender, Stickers.

Personal Care: Shaving Items, Tooth Paste, Floss, Brush, Combs, Deodorant etc.

Dry Goods: Socks, Hat, T-Shirt, Gloves, Sweater etc.

Homemade Items, Children are very Creative: Drawing, Poem, Art, Letter, Picture with your Family, Letter with your Return Address

Goodies: Peanuts, Mixed Nuts, Hard Candy

Christian Testimony: Tract, Gospel, Books, New Testament, Wall Text, Poster

(This is only a suggested list. You may have other ideas for a package of your own.)

Complete packages or just the materials/supplies for packages may be sent to:

John & Jean Van Hemert
6178 Via Vermilya
Lake Worth, FL  33462

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