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Champs (Ciyanjano Champions for Children)

One of the difficulties of running our own evangelistic outreach camps is a lack of cabin leaders. For a variety of cultural reasons, it is difficult to recruit and have confidence in youth leaders. Here in Zambia, it is not possible to do a police background check, and, because of a high rate of physical and sexual abuse of children and a lack of biblical teaching in local churches, we are wary about bringing just anybody in to work with kids without getting to know them very wellfirst.

We are discipling and training a group of 13 Zambian youths with a passion and desire to lead children and other youth to Christ. We use the Navigators 2:7 materials every Friday at Ciyanjano. This 2:7 study gives us a chance to know them and to make sure they have a solid foundation in the Gospel. We’ve also had the opportunity to have them trained in using Kidzana (a children’s evangelism program) by a team from West Hills Community Church and then trained as cabin leaders by a team from our sister camp (Koinonia Conference Grounds).

The goal is to have a solid set of Christ-centered youth that can act as leaders in our own programs and camps at Ciyanjano and are empowered and trained to be leaders in their own churches and communities.

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