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Helping equip Zambian churches in children’s Sunday School ministry through teacher training seminars.


Holly Moir Missionary


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Holly Moir, together with a Zambian pastor’s wife, has caught the vision for helping to equip Zambian churches in children’s Sunday School ministry by training Sunday School teachers and developing simple, age-appropriate Bible lessons for them to use.

The need for this ministry is great! Many Zambians believe that children cannot understand biblical truths until they are in their teen years. Also, most churches do not have any children’s Sunday School program, so children either sit with their parents during long services, or they are sent outside to play and be watched by one of the youth in the church. Sadly, the churches that do have a desire to provide their children with a Sunday School program go to the Jehovah’s Witnesses for lesson materials. But we praise God for the interest expressed in ACTION Zambia’s Teacher Training and look forward to seeing more churches catch this vision for their children as well!

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  • Holly Moir


    Holly Moir is a career missionary with ACTION Zambia. She serves ACTION Zambia as our Children's Ministry Facilitator at Camp Ciyanjano....

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