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"Where Most Needed" helps AZ meet new and unexpected mission and ministry opportunities and challenges.


Kelly & Tricia Huckaby Country Director


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Donating to “Where Most Needed” helps us, at ACTION Zambia, tremendously when new and unexpected mission and ministry opportunities arise as God brings them to us. Also, in Zambia we have had to learn to expect the unexpected, and there are new challenges that come along every day. These challenges arise in the mission as a whole, and in each of our ministry areas, and with so many of the people we minister to and along with.

Thank you so much for donating to ACTION Zambia Ministries and helping us meet these unexpected opportunities and challenges!

Missionaries in This Country

  • Kelly & Tricia Huckaby


    ACTION Zambia Country Director. Camping, retreat & conference ministry....

    Current Ministry

    Zambia: AZ Office and Administration

    Zambia: Camp Ciyanjano