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To support church-based, poor community schools by giving money towards teachers' salaries and providing some teaching materials and supplies.



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Many families and children in the compounds/townships where ACTION Zambia ministers cannot afford school uniforms, shoes, books, and other expenses that the government schools may have, or it may be that, in that particular compound, there are no government school options even available.

Thankfully, there are many local Zambian churches in these communities that have started their own church-based community schools. Theses churches sacrificially try to provide this as a service and outreach to the community by trying to provide a school for children who have lost both or one parent or are so poor that they really struggle to pay for school.

ACTION Zambia right now supports two church-based community schools – Mweetwa’s OVC Community School in Kanyama Compound and Living Hope Community School in Mtendere – through helping to provide some support for their teachers’ salaries. Many of these teachers have little training and are overwhelmed by how many children come to learn and be fed. At the Kanyama community school, there are 11 staff members for over 1,600 children! But even still these teachers press on with a desire to help educate the next generation.

Any money given to our “Community Schools Fund” goes to help support these teachers’ salaries. The more money we receive, the more we are able to help pay for teachers’ salaries and help encourage them in their current teaching positions.