Patrick-OConnor-and-Paul-GoodnerACTION’s Sustainable Church Multiplication Team of Patrick O’Connor and Paul Goodner gives some tips on overcoming burnout in ministry:





  • Lack of clearly defined boundaries – tasks are never done
  • Workaholism — not mixing work and play properly
  • Leadership/Servanthood tension.
  • Time management problems
  • Being too serious
  • Administration overload
  • Loneliness — no soul to soul relations

Warning signs of burnout:

  • A belief that they are no longer effective as a worker in His harvest
  • A sense that people have become obstacles
  • A lack of interest in Bible reading and prayer
  • Difficulty rebounding; fatigue
  • A tendency to complain and to be irritable
  • Withdrawal, sadness, sleep disturbance
  • A sense of being unappreciated
  • A sense of feeling isolated
  • Despair that “the work” will never be finished
  • Being impersonal with others

Disciplines to consider:

  • Learn the art of relaxing.
  • Take time to just sit with the Master and to read His Word, while you enjoy the quietness of His peace.
  • Take regular time off in general. Even your creator took one day in seven to rest and you aren’t stronger or better than He is.
  • Get proper exercise.
  • Sleep the needed amount your body and soul need.
  • Relax and learn to enjoy pure and complete silence.
  • Join a small support group of your peers.
  • Do “cognitive restructuring:” change your thinking – take a personal audit. Adjust inner values through internalizing the word of God.
  • Do something fun. Laugh and relax!