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Samantha Zipp

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Early Days
Samantha arrived in the Philippines July 2005 and served for ten years as a Kindergarten teacher at Faith Academy, a school for missionary children. During her time at Faith, she spent her weekends and holidays caring for babies and toddlers at a local orphanage, which soon moved into helping with respite care and finally fostering.

She then felt God moving her to work full time with orphans. 

The dream
Samantha dreams of seeing every orphan in a home with a family through foster care or adoption.  She is a licensed foster parent herself and would love to see more families open their homes to children in need.  Every child deserves a family and to feel loved and safe.  Institutional care meet the basic needs but what if we could do more.

She hopes to spread awareness of adoption and foster care in the Filipino community over the coming years and begin a network of foster families in her church community.  She also knows first had the challenges foster families face when working with children from trauma and is in the beginning stages of setting up few support networks to help families be successful in their fostering experience.

Support networks dreams include:
1. Clothing Closet - basic needs of clothing, car seats, backpacks, high chairs, cribs and other needs a family might have when a child is placed in their home

2. Financial help - a child with medical needs can cause a lot of burden to a family financially, so having an emergency fund set up for those unknown medical emergencies that might spring up

3. A care community - four or five families that commit to a specific foster family to help with respite care, meals, doctors appts, and other needs, also some other families that are willing to step in for special needs that arise in the life of a foster family

4. doctor directory - a resource of doctors that help foster children, maybe with reduced costs but also just knowing where to turn for specific needs or services