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Regional Coordinator - Latin America and the Caribbean Orphan Care Research and Program Development
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Mark and Paige Anderson, California born and bred, spent 17 years on the mission field in Brazil. They, along with their two children, moved to Fortaleza in February of 2000 to oversee the founding of the Davis Lar Orphanage and had the privilege to grow with the Lar, learning with each step. The orphanage focuses on the child victims of prostitution, drug trafficking, abuse, and abandonment, providing homes and restoring the children to spiritual, physical and emotional health while reaching out to their families and communities. The Davis Lar is now a model for other orphanages, and the Andersons intend to pass on the principles they have learned to emergent and third world orphanages across the globe.

They returned to the USA in January 2017 where they will be based in Greer, SC. (Quick access to South America!) Mark is now the Regional Coordinator for ACTION, covering the Latin American and Caribbean region and has recently visited the Philippines, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and SEATTLE where he focuses on developing new fields of interest, helping missionaries already on the field, and recruiting missionaries to go out and get dirty! At every stop he looks at Paige and whispers, “I’d live here!”

Paige’s passion remains orphan care and she is continuing to study at Clemson and developing new programs and research that can help emergent and third world orphanages give the best care possible while raising confident, competent, contributing children in Christ’s name.

The Anderson’s continue to aid the Davis Lar in Brazil through the Davis Lar International Children’s Fund (DLICF), a 501(c)3 in Greenville, SC.