Sandro & Veronica Arandi


Children and Youth Discipleship Ministry

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Sandro and Veronica serve in Quito, Ecuador. Their mission is to add eternal value to the people by making them disciples of Christ by the influence of the Holy Spirit; helping them develop in their physical, mental, social, and spiritual potential; equipping them with strategies to make disciples that glorify God to the ends of the earth.

To that end, Sandro and Veronica work with a small local church plant, where they meet weekly to praise the Lord, have Christian community, and study the Word together. They are also engaged in a local grass roots seminary to help give Christian workers pastoral vision, especially to the youth and young adults.  

Their ministry also includes work with kids in a local school to strengthen biblical foundations in English and Spanish and help with homework. They also work with the Royal Rangers program that reaches out to kids between 5-17 years old through Christian character-building. The program uses adults older than 18 years old as mentors and helps facilitate devotionals, crafts, bible studies, awards, hikes, sports, games, and camps. Finally, they are engaged in Youth With Mission, a ministry that helps equip young people to gain a vision for becoming missionaries themselves.