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Shalom Birthing Clinic in December 2017

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I am excited to announce that I have been accepted to this internship and will be leaving at the beginning of December to serve in the birthing center during my Christmas break! During my time at Shalom, I will be assisting in providing prenatal care, delivering babies, and postnatal care to needy mothers and their babies! The rest of my time will include forming discipleship relationships, spreading the gospel, and doing community outreach in the area. My mentor will be Cindy Gingerich. These words don’t do justice expressing how extremely blessed and excited I am to see what opportunities, teachings, relationships, and adventures Jesus has for me in the Philippines!

As you can imagine, the financial implications of a trip like this are high. I am believing in God’s promises to provide for this trip and know that He will provide all the necessary support I need. The expected cost of my trip is approximately $2,700. This will include travel, room/board, transportation, vaccinations, necessary equipment (such as latex gloves, proper clothing etc.), and miscellaneous expenses such as a visa and a debrief retreat at the end of my internship.

First and foremost, I ask you to continually pray for safety, guidance, continual revelations from the Lord, and boldness in sharing the Gospel. Secondly, if God places it on your heart to donate financially you can give via this webpage and receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Thanks for your consideration!

Ellen Clarkson

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