Shelley Conradson

Banawa, Cebu City, Philippines (Map)

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Children at Risk
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Shelley has been serving in the Philippines since 2002. She started a ministry with her son, Joshua, working with street children and local churches in training them in children’s ministry and programs to help children at risk to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and to help with nutritional and educational needs.

Her home church is West Hills Community Church in Morgan Hill, California. She served in children’s ministry there for a little over eight years and made several short-term trips to México before visiting the Philippines and obeying God when He said to return to the Philippines. Her heart and call is to the provincial areas of Visayas and Mindanao.

Shelley currently resides in Banawa, Cebu City and works alongside Christ for Asia as well as networks with about seven other area churches in the southern region of the Philippines.