Brooke Dennis

Antipolo, Philippines (Map)

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Brooke will be serving as an intern at Shalom Christian Birthing Home in the Philippines in June and July

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Dear Family, Friends and Readers,

My name is Brooke Dennis, and I grew up in a rural area in the Texas Panhandle, some say I am the typical small town girl. I now live in Central Texas and attend the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor as a junior nursing student. Since beginning my journey as a nursing student, I have had many different experiences that have humbled my spirit into a place that requires constant dependence on the Lord. I have had the unique and incredible privilege of working in my community with those who are vulnerable and depend on healthcare providers to show love and gentle care in order to find healing. Through the guidance and wisdom of my professors, I have had impeccable education which allows me to critically think and provide the safest and most loving care to each patient individually. For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for mothers and their babies. So, naturally nursing school was an easy decision for me. There have been many moments when I question my decision and my passion for labor and delivery care, but God has been so faithful in reminding me that I cannot envision myself doing anything else.

This summer, God has provided an opportunity where I will have the chance to put my heart into action. I will be living in Antipolo, Philippines for the months of June and July providing prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal care to mothers and babies all while having the opportunity to share Jesus’ love with those who have not yet known His love. While I am very excited to provide tangible care to those who need it, I am utmost humbled to show Christ’s love and be a part of His plan and His love.

You are invited to join in on this fun adventure! I ask that you would always keep those in Antipolo in your prayers. I also ask that you would be praying for God to guide me and provide His wisdom as I continue to fund-raise and prepare my heart before I begin my travels. No matter your form of support, I am extremely thankful and blessed to have you join me in this part of my life and God’s plan.

In Him,


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