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Paul and Pat joined ACTION in 1980, arriving in the Philippines in 1981. They taught metals fabrication for underprivileged youth until 1988.  Then Paul served as the Field Personnel Administrator until 1994. Beginning in 1994 Paul and Pat taught a 22-lesson course about practical in-depth discipleship and biblical counseling for pastors and church leaders on many Philippines islands.

More recently, Paul and Pat distribute Life Application Study Bibles for pastors and church ministry leaders targeting those who do not have a study Bible. Included in the distribution is a 4-hour orientation about how to use the features of this study Bible. They conducted this seminar in many provinces of the Philippines and by God’s grace, they will continue to do this wherever the Lord sends them.

Last year, a major fire burned down two large communities in Mandaue City on the island of Cebu. Most of the residents are dirt poor and they lost everything to this fire. Pat was involved in mobilizing volunteers from seven churches near that area who conducted a 6-month feeding program for malnourished children among those families. This feeding program remains effective in the evangelism outreach of the volunteer churches.

Paul and Pat have three adult children and are proud grandparents of six grandchildren.

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