Pami Ellis

Manila, Philippines (Map)

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Nurse working at Shalom Birthing Home

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On the Radio:

ACTION Missionary Pami Ellis was interviewed on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show December 30, 2015. Sharing about her missionary life and Shalom Christian Birthing Home.

Read the transcript or listen to the audio

“Through a series of incredible divine appointments starting with a patient in the US, followed by a US military helicopter ride in Tacloban, and a lunch last week, I was a guest on the nationally syndicated Hugh Hewitt Show.”


Pami is a missionary registered nurse with ACTION serving at a birthing home on the outskirts of the busy metropolis of Manila. In an area where only 25% of the poorest mothers receive maternity care, this facility meets a critical need by providing safe childbirth care, education, and community outreach as a means of strategically reaching the unreached for Christ.

If you would like to reach Pami or receive her newsletter and prayer card, please e-mail her through the link above.

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