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FACE 2 FACE Ministry:  Our vision and mission is to connect the rich and poor to Christ and to each other through one-on-one evangelism, compassion and advocacy for the poor and prison inmates.

FACE 2 FACE MINISTRY        5-14-15       Will and Joanie Feuerstein

FACE 2 FACE Ministry – Will and Joanie Feuerstein in the Philippines

In our 50’s, God called and we responded by selling our home, leaving our jobs and families and moving sight-unseen to crazy Manila, Philippines…though we didn’t know it was wild and crazy until after we arrive in 2001! J  FACE 2 FACE is an evangelistic ministry using creative ways of building sincere friendships and associations with people to lead them into a transformational and living relationship with Jesus Christ.  We have a presence on all three main islands and other far-flung remote islands as well.

We seek to model Jesus’ life with His apostles in the men’s national penitentiary in Manila and the women’s prison in Mindanao. We have seen the worst of the worst come to Christ including members of a well-known terrorist group.  We relocated 2 children from a Muslim stronghold and now tutor, sponsor and disciple them and other children who are the family of an inmate.

After a year of unplanned typhoon relief and re-building in the Visayas Islands, God again surprised us by laying a firm foundation for continuing the restoration of souls in this region and is using new believers as well as local churches and Christians to partner with passion to bring the aroma of Christ to survivors that are ready for the next step in restoring lives.  Where Jesus goes, He brings new life.  The Lord’s light is shining on specific areas in which we will intentionally serve and love on the people and be incarnational with the vision of establishing Communities of Believers that worship the Lord and live for Him.

We are compelled to say ‘Yes Lord’ in this new FACE 2 FACE Islands Ministry.

New ACTION Missionary Catie Smith now joins FACE 2 FACE in proclaiming Jesus Christ with sincere and caring relationships wherever God sends us.