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Associate USA Director and helps individuals, churches, schools, Christian nonprofits and other groups do global missions as the International Short-term Coordinator

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Kyle started serving with ACTION in 2010 working as the Assistant to the International Director. He hit the ground running and two months into this role the now former International Director, Nelson Reed, took him to the heart of India where he visited many of ACTION’s missionaries in India in the cities of Kolkata, Delhi, Dehradun, Siliguri and Varanasi. A highlight was being a part of a pastor’s conference on the edge of the Indian-Bhutanese border where a group of people prayed in a mountain village in English, Bhutanese, Hindi and Nepali for the work God is doing in those regions.

In 2012 he had the privilege of visiting ACTION’s work in the Philippines and Cambodia. Since ACTION was started in the Philippines in 1975, he was able to see several ministries of ACTION that have served the poor for 20 years or more. Seeing ACTION’s ministries in Cambodia was also a joy and a highlight for him was playing volleyball with one of ACTION’s missionaries while in Phnom Penh!

In 2013 he took on the role of ACTION’s International Short-term Coordinator.  This role gives him the responsibility of recruiting, equipping and mobilizing new short-term and long-term missionaries to serve alongside ACTION missionaries in many parts of the world. Just as ACTION’s missionaries overseas are engaged in the harvest by planting seeds for the Gospel, Kyle joins them from this side of the world by planting seeds and mobilizing more people for Kingdom work. His role is to also work directly with ACTION’s missionaries to establish and promote short-term opportunities, especially internships, on their respective fields. In 2014 he had the opportunity to spend 4-1/2 weeks visiting each of ACTION’s Africa fields — Uganda, Malawi and Zambia. Pictures from this trip and others can be viewed in the photo gallery.*

In March 2016, he added the role of International Office Executive Coordinator (IOEC) to accompany his work as International Short-term Coordinator, and help ACTION’s current International Director, Thomas Smoak, with special projects, research assignments and correspondence with ACTION’s regional coordinators, country directors and ultimately all of ACTION’s 250 missionaries serving in 25 countries. He considers it a joy  to serve the Lord in full-time vocational ministry with ACTION.

*Here is a short 3.5 minute video from my time in Africa: ACTION Malawi Trip 2014